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Marcus Belcher Sep 2020
Once again I must bend time
To write again in an old rhyme
To be quick
To be swift
Take a ride and get a lift to
A place where true thoughts dwell
Enough time
In your personal hell
Bad habits
Bad views
Preached from a parental pew
Please grow
Please shine
Please use your brilliant mind
I gotta stop these comeback tours lol
Marcus Belcher Jul 2020
The stress on my chest
Let's me know I did invest
Something into my heart
Breathing life into this art

Getting use to these sensations
Reverberations of my inner
Bright begins to fill the hole
As I break the mold

From stories that are old
Ingrained and overtold
But the darkness of that night
Adjusted me to the light

For when I hold both
Each in the palm of a hand
All is revealed
The grandest plan...
There was a little beat in my head
Marcus Belcher Jul 2020
Can you see the in-betweens?
Those brilliant ashen hues
In the space flanked by happy and blues
I call them God's little clues
Marcus Belcher Jul 2020
I walked through the door from my own ignorance
To find the stars awaiting me
Laughing and asking me what took so long
I simply replied
I cried and I died
The growth soon came after
So did my ride
But I wouldn't call it pride
Just Inside
it's been a while. Time to dust the ol pen off...
Marcus Belcher Sep 2019
Loud can move a crowd
But whispers move mountains
It showed up and stuck....
Marcus Belcher Jun 2019
Running makes me happy
The kind that's monotonous and sappy
The one way to understand
Is to take a trek through the land
The sun on your skin
Your health you win
I love running
I love that high....
Running fills me with such Joy. Like a 8 yr old the night before a field trip kind of joy....
Marcus Belcher Jun 2019
Words are not just words
They are my shield
They are my blade
My offense
And My defense
Power I absorb
Only to let it flow forth
A calm wave
After a tidal crash
I only wish
This feeling would last
It's been a minute but I'm happy to be back.
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