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1.4k · Jun 2019
I wanna be
a serendipity
a cloak of invisibility
a long message of sorry
a place to go when he feels weary
a flower on the road people may find pretty
a page on the book he keeps reading over
a girl he wanna make a lover
a daughter my parents are proud of
an expensive cheesecake that’s so soft
a pigeon that’s just set free
but most of the time I just wanna feel me
1.3k · May 2020
at some points
the things you love,

can exhaust you too.
922 · Jul 2019
nothing captivates like the mind
particularly, your mind
for every time you speak I sight glow
and like a flying termite
I am hypnotized
by your light.
684 · Jan 1
all these times
You are
a reality away
becoming my dream
that holds so true.
638 · Dec 2021
You are
embodying galaxies
each of your gaze
commence supernova.
596 · Feb 2020
I am on the verge
of my own thinking

looking down to
absurdity of the world

looking back to
fast-running confusion

don’t let me jump
to my false conclusion

save me with your erudite
kind of wisdom.
581 · Feb 2020
a self-loving
I am in love with the soul I bear
for I can feel unwavering dreams she keeps
and for the sake of her I will jump my body down on so many new things.
551 · Jun 2019
again I find myself daydreaming
being with you who’s so alluring
can’t bear my self to keep scavenging
every thoughts I hear you yarning

you’re just that amazing,
inside your mind is a galaxy
with cluster of stars
that I don’t mind forever floating within
being starstuck
544 · Sep 2019
my fault
my heart feels so badly used
it turns out I wrongly chose my muse.
487 · Aug 2019
you are all at once
you are
            the daylight and the night

you are
            a blazing glaze
            also a soothing haze

you are
           more than whole
           you are certainly not a half

you are
         and clearly not just a complementary

you are
         your best self
         tomorrow you will get even better.
you are enough
457 · Dec 2019
as I grow older
home gets harder to define.
452 · Feb 2020
there is no deadline
is the time running to catch you?
is it? in the midst of your rough-hewn endeavor

and watching at sight to foil
your desired prevail

and this moment
you’re sure you will fail

but if only it could speak
it would say that
it hangs in your sleeve

and always moves at your service
it waits for you in the line of your attentive

it sure wants to see you succeed
and never for a second distrusts
your speed.
430 · Sep 2019
I guess
there’s a part of me somewhere
waiting to be found
and I still discover
which branch has to be grown
I guess
there’s a part of me in the future
waiting to get known
only if this present me I succeed to nurture
I am yet to be fully grown
I am still in a searching adventure.
414 · Jun 2019
she loves you so
399 · Oct 2019
I bet so much on nothingness,
and glances of you,
I took full of a meaning;
the words on your name,
I laid my future
on an unwilling confluence,
I sowed my stars
on your galaxy pathway,
I have been a suplicant
of your supernova days,

you are my all that exists,
anything else doesn’t even count one,
and it’s an always

albeit I for you count as none.
394 · Aug 2019
if people were only colours
I wish I was
teal blue with splatters of gold.
389 · Dec 2019
sometimes I wonder,
are you now being lost too?
do the city lights from your train,
get you in thoughts too?
387 · Jun 2019
dream reacher
take your moonlight steps
the stars are within your grip
don’t come down yet
the sky is your fate
don’t you be afraid of flying
the clouds are wishing you good luck.
never give up on your dreams
380 · May 2020
to make a masterpiece
oh just tell them

to paint your soul.
365 · Aug 2019
you’re made of immense magic and bravery. the time you speak the languange of equity anyone’s eyes become starry.
362 · Aug 2019
you go around so many places
you forget what it feels to stay,

days after days
you’re always booked for two flights
and neither spells home for you,
sometimes it hits you hard with that feeling;
how do you go back to something that never has your bed to begin with?

you look like a rover
you wander around to find pieces of shelter, scattered everywhere,

maybe it is that way because
you have plenty
but plenty recurrently leaves you
feeling empty,

many times when you get asleep on the flights
you dream of a sanctuary
and it wakes you smiling slightly,
makes you think of days
you’ll be finally home,

you know
for now
you’re still attached to the sky,
until the limit is expired.
356 · May 2020
soon I will
an adventurous heart
trapped in mundane days
how I wanna climb the mountains
and sleep under the stars
lay my eyes on new zealand’s lakes
feel the tingling feeling of snowflakes
and see so much of what He creates.
333 · Oct 2020
confide in me
I wanna know
but I don’t wanna beg
for your secrecies
and your sad stories

just let me be
the one you call away
when the world makes you swayed

I wanna know
but your sadness always feels distant
I wanna hear stories
and not just statements.
323 · Oct 2019
coercing nature
I’m drawn to the universe you made
being a foreign I don’t mind
learn your languange I will.
323 · Sep 2021
writer soul
I am caged
but I fly away
so far
with written words
of thoughts
and feelings
I explore
and sightsee
wherever up to me
my feet are always in one place
but my soul has flown places.
299 · Jul 2019
if you only knew
you know nothing
how she made you her everything.
296 · Apr 2019
What people see is it’s a picture of me and you,
But what I see is it’s a picture of me and everything I’ve been searching for in life
I will tell them about
how you act like cashmere
then how you turn the room so merry
and how you tend to scruntinize

even when they don’t ask further
I will explain how you’re so much a sister
the one who will sweep all my thunderclouds away
in days I don’t feel so secure
there’s always you who feels only a call away

may your life always be a silver lining
and may your journey forever full of meaning
you’re so much of maturity
my one bestfriend named hesty
285 · Aug 2019
at least
I can now only contemplate the distance
from where I stand to where it glistens
the winding road ahead I forecast
brings myself the feeling of tense

the hesitant first step will always be the hardest
no idea exactly where is the ending
but here is me at least trying.
if you never try, you’ll never know
281 · Aug 2019
for the umpteenth time
she falls for the same charm
convincing herself it’s only a mind trick
when verily she has been completely bewitched.
276 · Aug 2019
a yes man
sometimes being soft leaves you dealing with heavy burden instead.
a no would have been better.
267 · Jun 2019
I will later tell you about
how I never wanted it all
if it wasn’t you.
260 · May 2019
The Almighty listens
there are things in life beyond our attempt,
and praying is the only way to attain.
259 · Feb 2020
for all
the indescribable jolly chord
the distressed heartache
the nerve-wracking qualm
to the blank paper I confide in.
256 · Nov 2019
she wanders
she has not been found
the sky doesn’t give her limit
and she will not spare any time feeling timid
but she flies the clouds around secretly praying
that the earth will finally value her being.
254 · Nov 2019
her philosophical mind
utterly wishes the world
would offer chances
for her to be rather than just show’s crew
and the long gap between rises and sets
she wants to paint the road vibrant
only if they could translate
the colors of her brain.
250 · Jul 2019
someday someone will come into your life and make you certain;
you weren’t asking for too much.
249 · Oct 2020
I need a rest
for thinking too much
I forget to breathe
my mind has had enough
I need a rest
for simply being me
247 · Nov 2019
the sun set early
the sky gloomed
and the moonbeam faded
the world takes all its light to mourn tonight
to hug you at peace
to calm you at quietude
and to shoo away your solitude.
my bestfriend’s father just passed away today.
240 · Sep 2019
do not dim your light
nevermind that you are a see thru
it is a miracle within you
never dim your light
just for their eyes don’t feel blinded
you don’t live just so they can feel pleased
you are dazzling
you are sparkling
just leave yourself shining
you are a spectacular being
you are worthy of million days trying.
things you haven’t figured out
will never hurt the present you live in,
the people you haven’t known
will never overlook the spots you’ll come upon,
and the love you haven’t found
will never be forever lost
227 · Feb 2020
in the lined up of your future scheme
I just wish fate comes meddling in
for me to be no more of a wallflower
and hence getting the view
only as an outsider.
the earth is crying
so heavy burdened
sense of the disease hailing
it wishes it could disarm

it wails in the rain
“people, you had been kind to me, you had nurtured, and you had cured. To be taken away by the killer inside of me, I cry you most tormenting condolences, I wish you be at a much prettier place than what I am.”
226 · Mar 2021
I will get tired eventually,
trying to reheat the room
at the hand of the warmth
I have left,

always ends up to be
a cup of lukewarm coffee
in a freezing day.
they are reaping
what they had sowed
I am processing
the pursuit of waiting
soon enough I will reap too
all the things I bear through time
and hold it in my hands tightly
and I, too, will be smiling joyfully.
225 · Nov 2020
I've been harsh to you
swallowing thoughts
of the inside good consuming

why is it never enough
all the yesterdays I mourn
all the tomorrows I feel I don't own
it is always that easy,
letting, you;
my soul,

in the battle I made myself,
I have been surely defeated.
221 · Feb 2020
a neverending bless
of subtle love
watching at node
of life’s possible gloom.
219 · Apr 2021
your absence
the road was beautiful
but it was silent

the food was nice
but it was trite

the conversation was going by
and those eyes weren’t fulfilling

these trips here and there
only to make me feel withdrawn

I keep wishing you everywhere
why are you so far away
in my sight I see you nowhere
I am now a forlorn wanderer.
218 · Mar 2020
to my God I confide my wish
for my God is always all ears
for my God always hears
for my God is unfailingly near
for my God will bestow upon me
the best of best things.
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