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they are reaping
what they had sowed
I am processing
the pursuit of waiting
soon enough I will reap too
all the things I bear through time
and hold it in my hands tightly
and I, too, will be smiling joyfully.
I am caged
but I fly away
so far
with written words
of thoughts
and feelings
I explore
and sightsee
wherever up to me
my feet are always in one place
but my soul has flown places.
counting hours until you fly away to
chasing future dreams and ambition

sitting side by side, hearing the minutes tick in mind, and nothing significant to say

we stop asking questions
and another hour go by

capturing your face in sight
so I can remember how it feels like
to be by your side
comfortable silence
and the grip of your palm

I verily have so much to say
yet the words don’t wanna steal the scene
of me preparing your absence
and months to spare
in befriending empty
building my lonesome cavity

you’d be out of the country,
and I’d start feeling tearfully lonely.
bad thoughts
and intrusive nightmares

scary aimless future
and unprogressive present

things that drown me
but leave no mark on my surface
a collection of sadness
buried underneath smiley face

sadness in the head
throughout the day
in need of solace
to bring me out of isolation
all day thinking about
unforeseen safe haven.
I drown in anxieties
and I swim to the surface
trying to grasp the air of calmness
but self-doubt come in waves
and the waves are too enormous
I breathe with remaining sanity
telling myself
I can keep swimming
the waves are rough
but this ocean is mine.
look through my eyes
and believe
that I know

life has burnt you out
but soon you become
a phoenix
rising from the ashes
of life's pernicious burn.
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