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my mind can visit the darkest places
or create the noisiest storm and thundering clouds
it can wonder about the future’s light
or bring back the oldest fault
it ambles to hidden thoughts
and assembly most bizarre doubts
in days I get bored
I’d rather feel tired but inspired.
some feeling of being stuck in a mudflat
or the fear of missing a flight

getting ready to school when you’re in cold fight with a classmate
and getting told you are secretly disliked

walking pass by a ****** crime scene
also the time when you regret comitting a sin

what hits you after being deceived
likewise realizing you have to give up on a dream.
sometimes being soft leaves you dealing with heavy burden instead.
a no would have been better.
you go around so many places
you forget what it feels to stay,

days after days
you’re always booked for two flights
and neither spells home for you,
sometimes it hits you hard with that feeling;
how do you go back to something that never has your bed to begin with?

you look like a rover
you wander around to find pieces of shelter, scattered everywhere,

maybe it is that way because
you have plenty
but plenty recurrently leaves you
feeling empty,

many times when you get asleep on the flights
you dream of a sanctuary
and it wakes you smiling slightly,
makes you think of days
you’ll be finally home,

you know
for now
you’re still attached to the sky,
until the limit is expired.
why do you agonize yourself eyeing what they have
the neighbour’s grass is greener
the outside wind blows warmer
the other’s land is full of gold
and you feel like the most miserable on this world
“I wish I had it all too”
the mere urge to also get what you see
won’t just get away easily
be aware of how it may **** you slowly
you’re made of immense magic and bravery. the time you speak the languange of equity anyone’s eyes become starry.
I wish I was
teal blue with splatters of gold.
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