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I am in belief
things that in present scare me
will somehow assist me in the future

I am terrified of many things
but I will still be in
for those terrifying & scary thins

I may be slow
but I ain't stopping.
I am not the words
                that burden me
I am more than the noise
                            that silence me

I do not owe anything
                       to my past
and my future
               will not terrify me

I rest my soul on the present
my thoughts are mindful
                  of becoming here,
my silence
will eventually speak
how my words
had never been heard.
I leave my soul wandering
going over the cotton candy sky with the blazing sunset in its cracks

the view of vast paddy field passing by
calming sound of your motorcycle running against the wind

I think I was born for moment like this
lifetime happiness in span of minutes
captured senses and your physique presence

stealing glances from rearview mirror
staring at the view of something called serenity

and suddenly it is crystal clear
as long as you'd be the driver
I'd willingly be on this venture
miles by miles
heading to our future.
rough feet touching the sheet
tired of all-day working the shifts
pretending present
while the soul is somewhere hiding

these feet
they have been in spots
that they felt pressured and lonely

rough feet walk the journey these days
to places with no friends
do things to make ends meet
meet people with unfriendly gazes

after the day is up
rough feet back to the bed
still lonely,
but at least feels more at ease.
I miss who I was, a person full of dreams. I can say some were realistic, some other were not so much.  Nonetheless, they were still dreams. Active dreams. Time when things were always lingering on mind, and I still always eagerly thought of ways to achieve them. What did happen then? I don’t know. I think reality did. Reality was some big wave that swept dreams off of the shore.
I may feel lost
but still I am being in a journey
I may now feel clueless still
but also I am heading to the right clarity

all will get better in time,
the time all will be perfectly unfolded.
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