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yes she looks pretty
but so do you
and God has aligned
the perfect souls to meet you

why do you only look at
what she has on her way
have you gone blind
of your own beautiful roadway?
not everybody will like
what I write,
not everybody sees things
the way I do,
but that’s the magic
in poetry,
they will read it
and somehow
try to feel it,
some will see the picture I painted,
some will be carried away
by the colors they create.
I would say
thank you for loving me,

and I would mean
thank you
for endlessly
taking me back to life
when I desperately
have lost the sense of it.
I am looking for you
in the poetries I didn’t finish
in the suit that’s left unworn
and in all wishful promises
we once believed in

we once saw
through forever
all dead dreams
that now become never
I am looking for you
and not even a sight
of your ghost found.
always get view of their backs,
hear sound of distant laugh cracks

I wish somewhere,
maybe not here,
my seat is fondly saved.
they say
there is beauty in simplicity

               and I'll add
               there's always blessing
               in mundane things

like fresh laundry,
and waking up early

                hot bittersweet coffee,
                and being said,
                "your outfit looks pretty"

life somehow
can get a bit scary,

                I wish I could always see
                the beautiful things
                that oftentimes
                slipped through.
she has a lot
she doesn't dare to speak of

she has been looking at life
miserably way too long

she has been thinking
she isn't deserving
of anything nice

she has been feeling locked up
way too often,

wondering why in the first place
she ever threw away the key.
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