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Sep 19 · 61
As It Is
Afiqah Sep 19
life is this crazy
of morphing, wistful colors
it simply just sets
your very soul introvertively
as life’s dealings slowly
maturate and stretches you on

Jul 25 · 202
That Sweet Jitter
Afiqah Jul 25
addictions can unbelievably
materializes itself
and look like many things
and sometimes,
the most pressing ones
nervelessly have

Jul 16 · 128
As I Do
Afiqah Jul 16
for even when I am gone,
know that,
these pages have favorably
always been one that has warmly
breathed your name
and I hope these words I have
soulfully written for you
lends you a heartbeat
just the same as I do
each time
you come about to read them

Apr 24 · 268
Morning Moon
Afiqah Apr 24
and just like
the morning moon,
I’d weatheringly
still choose

Apr 16 · 176
Afiqah Apr 16
and here I am,
these heartbeats of almost
inside the corners
of my introverted heart
after all I am left
to hold all of these love to you now
stays rewriting itself
in my du'aas

Mar 27 · 100
Crowned By
Afiqah Mar 27
and I believe,
the stars
will metaphorically
call us home
and they’ll be the ones
who’ll delicately crown our love,
lounging by with our names
among all of the colors
only our hearts knew

Mar 19 · 138
Afiqah Mar 19
I love you
and this is all of what
lies deep within my very soul
I will ever write
about of you

Mar 15 · 135
Sunday Morning Soul
Afiqah Mar 15
you have that
sunday morning
kind of soul
that somehow
made hope metaphorically
basks its brilliancy
back into my heart
all over again

Feb 14 · 130
Heart-Eyed & Hopeful
Afiqah Feb 14
stay a little bit more, darling
come see how
even the reckless stars
are committing,
all heart-eyed and hopeful
as they readily take in, wearing out
the best of our heart’s favorite colors
soulfully together

Feb 8 · 193
Afiqah Feb 8
and as we all shift,
and let go
and then slowly become,
always believe that
the world peculiarly
somehow still needs

Jan 30 · 275
Heart Talk
Afiqah Jan 30
every cliche
about romance
came true
and in all of its brilliant,
diacritic forms,
my heart very much dearly
wants to share your heart’s smile

Jan 28 · 110
With You
Afiqah Jan 28
and being with you,
right here,
somehow made
every of all of these cliches
about romance breathe
a gentle sort of
intensity and hopefulness
that we’d do it all so beautifully together

Jan 24 · 314
Afiqah Jan 24
and then soulfully,
I love you
has your very face
pinned onto
my heart

Jan 10 · 146
Dec 2018 · 201
There Will Be
Afiqah Dec 2018
there was love
there will be more
these clouds
of almosts
will finally someday
be made lucidly certain
with all of its
heartful intentions

Dec 2018 · 193
New Dawn
Afiqah Dec 2018
you hand-sealed
my heart
with such clarity  
making me relentlessly
write all of these
out of you

Dec 2018 · 418
Afiqah Dec 2018
leaves me hopelessly
and I’d like to infinitely
many more
of tomorrows with you

Dec 2018 · 527
And Then, There Was You
Afiqah Dec 2018
know that,
even after the dark,
I’ll always come sit and nestle in
with all of the colors of you
after all,
this little heart space
of mine
has solely hand-sealed itself
on having only you

Dec 2018 · 342
Rewriting Hope
Afiqah Dec 2018
held me
through readily
with more colors
than I ever knew existed
and so I followed and followed
and pinned my utmost faith
across this delicate soul
until love somehow,
came by again
looking at its absolute best and
a whole **** lot like you

Nov 2018 · 191
Just Us & The Stars
Afiqah Nov 2018
some *******
time away
with the stars tonight
watch our hearts happen

Nov 2018 · 137
It Loves And It Loves
Afiqah Nov 2018
it still beats
it still feels
and *******,
does it still sits,
toughing itself out
even while coming in through
with half of the universe’s little splatters
of such unpleasantry settings
here and there,
all of that unbending,
dead set on hopes kept
this heart fearlessly still in love anyway

Nov 2018 · 128
Dance With Fate
Afiqah Nov 2018
come watch me dance with fate
notice how
I still let love fall
through all of these
cinematic weatherings
come and see how
I’ll learn to love the dark in you
over and over again

Nov 2018 · 210
Beautiful Things
Afiqah Nov 2018
beautiful things
can easily shatter your very soul
but knowing that
you have been favorably loved
once before
is a welcoming reminder
that your magic
in this world exists
and it has always been a worthy one
and trust me,
it still is

Nov 2018 · 150
4:17 AM
Afiqah Nov 2018
and every
******* second,
love simply spells by your very name
and now,

Oct 2018 · 182
Right Here
Afiqah Oct 2018
it was fate that I have
this whole love affair thing
with words
and maybe this is where I find
its enoughness to know
that I have once laid here before
with you
and love luxuriously
had your very soul pinned on it

Oct 2018 · 145
Life's Essency
Afiqah Oct 2018
it can still epically hurt
to become
but sometimes,
you just got to have
to trust life
a little bit

Oct 2018 · 213
I'll Meet You
Afiqah Oct 2018
I’ll meet you there,
I’ll meet you in your fragility
and all of your breakthroughs
you do not have to charm up so much
of your life to me
let me meet you there
and watch how I’ll let our scars
fall in love and rewilds itself
through all of our midnight escapades

Oct 2018 · 127
Let Be
Afiqah Oct 2018
are never
quite less than heroic
so, let love fall
and let courage
fearlessly drive,
quit hiding your magic

the universe is always ready for you

Oct 2018 · 118
Afiqah Oct 2018
our story
has its pulse
and every pulse beats its fair share
of reasons and significances
to how readily love decides
to take its first breath in,
folding itself snugglingly within
and finally finding home
in our broken pieces

Sep 2018 · 155
Afiqah Sep 2018
I’m naming things like
hope and okay
and meeting courage
at its very edge
and that
every shade my scars
are being curtained and held through
each waking, purposeful day,
courts me to selflessly favor
every single
of my ******* pulse

Sep 2018 · 275
Lionize Yourself
Afiqah Sep 2018
honor every rise,
every fall of your feelings,
and all of the teachings of your yesterdays
you are still here,
you have carried
every single
******* pulse of yours
in all of its heartiest means
for throughout the universe’s wake,
the world still favorably believes
in your becoming

Sep 2018 · 271
Breathe Brave
Afiqah Sep 2018
go ahead
and will the sky
to turn dark again
if that is where
you mostly feel your soul
at its absolute hopeful self,
just keep breathing brave there
and bask in with your recklessness
then watch how the stars
brew its magic out for you

Sep 2018 · 173
Afiqah Sep 2018
tomorrow will be
the softer part of the ache
you will slowly learn
to perfumely wear love
readily again,
and you will subtly bask in
with your innermost essency
back all over again

Sep 2018 · 220
Delicate Tells
Afiqah Sep 2018
tomorrow slowly
started coming in
with colors
and every single comb
of your breath warmly airs
the tellings of pure, sheer love
and happiness to me

Sep 2018 · 191
Afiqah Sep 2018

Aug 2018 · 186
2:47 AM
Afiqah Aug 2018
I love cities
and streets best
clothed in veils
of stormful, sopping rain

Aug 2018 · 145
Afiqah Aug 2018
recommit to yourself
learn your place in this world
we can only micromanage
so much of our lives
through it all,
you are constantly becoming
and someday,
all of life’s intricate woes
will finally seem purposeful for you

Aug 2018 · 168
Afiqah Aug 2018
I have always
wanted the rain
as much
to run in my veins
like nicotine

Aug 2018 · 236
Afiqah Aug 2018
it has always been
a vicious ******* cycle
ever since
yet sometimes,
this is how faultless
life and people
can bruisingly just be

Aug 2018 · 290
Our Rebel Yells
Afiqah Aug 2018
I still spend too many nights
dovetailing over
such willful war songs
we used to serenade
our hearts to

Jul 2018 · 155
To Feel It All Or Nothing
Afiqah Jul 2018
in spite of it all,
if only something would tell
its very tale without having our
fractured sense of self cataloging it
into a very specific kind of hurt
but then,
what is life without meeting
the opposite of life’s pure decency,
we all need a fair share of it all
to fully become

Jul 2018 · 176
Jul 2018 · 361
Afiqah Jul 2018
you slowly gave me
a little bit of you
and I guess
love couldn't quite well
stay with our significancy
a chance meeting
is enough

Jul 2018 · 186
Like You
Afiqah Jul 2018
tangled up in sheets that
warmly smell like love,
like coffee,
like innocence,
you, of all,
have always smelled
a whole **** lot like a beginning
every single time
our skin meets the other

Jul 2018 · 188
2:47 AM
Jul 2018 · 195
Brighter You
Afiqah Jul 2018
it hurts
but you’re still breathing
you’re still here
after all the endless trembler walks
baggaged full of heavy,
warring wears
for He trusts that inner gut of yours
that you’re still able to feed
your ******* soul with a much,
much brighter flame

Jul 2018 · 171
Afiqah Jul 2018
you bring about a shade
of soulful, starlike colors
and made love not only settle
but stirred its mere
sensibilities medially,
letting us find each other
over and over again
in places we didn’t know existed
in our souls before

Jul 2018 · 164
Afiqah Jul 2018
you had those eyes
that speaks and sees
my flaws
in between poetic lines
and it has
handsomely been one that
always look like
coming home to me

Jun 2018 · 174
Soulful You
Afiqah Jun 2018
there is always
a silver lining,
a blessing in disguise
and an upside to every
**** thing that’s happened
they may have all even made you
look like calamity but just
remember not to **** your very essence
you are more you
than ever before now

Jun 2018 · 164
We All Will
Afiqah Jun 2018
we’ll meet eyes
we’ll meet souls
we’ll fill one another’s hearts
with tender gazes and
eventually fall
when love
bravely fires its lambency
staining the rest of our
unimaginable, wildest midnights

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