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Afiqah Mar 15
you have that
sunday morning
kind of soul
that somehow
made hope metaphorically
basks its brilliancy
back into my heart
all over again

Afiqah Feb 14
stay a little bit more, darling
come see how
even the reckless stars
are committing,
all heart-eyed and hopeful
as they readily take in, wearing out
the best of our heart’s favorite colors
soulfully together

Afiqah Feb 8
and as we all shift,
and let go
and then slowly become,
always believe that
the world peculiarly
somehow still needs

Afiqah Jan 30
every cliche
about romance
came true
and in all of its brilliant,
diacritic forms,
my heart very much dearly
wants to share your heart’s smile

Afiqah Jan 28
and being with you,
right here,
somehow made
every of all of these cliches
about romance breathe
a gentle sort of
intensity and hopefulness
that we’d do it all so beautifully together

Afiqah Jan 24
and then soulfully,
I love you
has your very face
pinned onto
my heart

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