Afiqah 14h
I forgive you,
sadly, somehow
the raw end of it all was
you had to be it
and I had to have you
to reason some of my unanswered riddles
life throws at me
you don’t belong here anymore
the almost breaths I finally learn to take after you
became the real thing I most needed

Afiqah 2d
all the last seens,
and all the blue ticks
left its haunting breaths
in such uncalling ways
those conversations,
those busy talks
and those pleasant tellings
suddenly starts to live in
complete isolation
just like that

Afiqah 2d
some days
I console and settle my heart
along with the stars
just fine
other days,
we walk with such fire
and sulkily be out of sorts
trying to undo every last pulse

Afiqah 2d
to remain kind to yourself
after all the daily quits
and the daily asks
takes one’s such ghostly strength
to partake on again with life
to know especially when
it’s time
you finally take over the reins

Afiqah 3d
there are days
where I’m plagued by questions
that still have my heart
utterly reined in with
some sort of rebellious mobocracy
and such held
my mortal being and I
at times,
to unkind, damnable things

Afiqah 3d
we stood through
counting pulses
letting those nights come and undress us
and little did we realized
how quick we were
in making ourselves become habits
to one another  
leaving our stars slightly drunk
into such blissful oblivion

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