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Afiqah Sep 19
life is this crazy
of morphing, wistful colors
it simply just sets
your very soul introvertively
as life’s dealings slowly
maturate and stretches you on

Afiqah Jul 25
addictions can unbelievably
materializes itself
and look like many things
and sometimes,
the most pressing ones
nervelessly have

Afiqah Jul 16
for even when I am gone,
know that,
these pages have favorably
always been one that has warmly
breathed your name
and I hope these words I have
soulfully written for you
lends you a heartbeat
just the same as I do
each time
you come about to read them

Afiqah Apr 24
and just like
the morning moon,
I’d weatheringly
still choose

Afiqah Apr 16
and here I am,
these heartbeats of almost
inside the corners
of my introverted heart
after all I am left
to hold all of these love to you now
stays rewriting itself
in my du'aas

Afiqah Mar 27
and I believe,
the stars
will metaphorically
call us home
and they’ll be the ones
who’ll delicately crown our love,
lounging by with our names
among all of the colors
only our hearts knew

Afiqah Mar 19
I love you
and this is all of what
lies deep within my very soul
I will ever write
about of you

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