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Alexander Coy Mar 2017
right before your
cotton candy eyes
it all falls apart

you worked so hard

positioned your
corpse six feet deep
only to find out
you missed the
pearly white gates by
a couple of inches

and someone heard
the tapping of your heels
against fresh lamented
wood floors

and told his brother
and her sister

that you were alone

and vulnerable

and so you hid behind
the tanks, lit the fuse
and watched the battleground
explode into tiny fragments
of new beginnings

made the best of loss
is what you did

but the others knew better
than to let this peace go on
much longer

thus the internal
struggle continued;--

licking your sweet lips
until they parted,

you revealed gaps in
hardwired teeth

and they never
looked so beautiful
as they did now
Alexander Coy Feb 2017
i walk down this street
keep to myself, head first
into shadows strewn across
the pavement; little images
for big brown eyes,

someone said you look
like the shy type, the kind
the runs away when the time's

and boy, were they wrong

if we are supposed
to be here, then why does
it feel like the opposite?

i ask the same questions
in class, stare at the clock
until it strikes six; the bell
signals for my grand entrance

i escape through the exit

only to find myself
knee deep in some kind
of crippling reverie;

leave finger prints
on the walls, the shells
of my limbs somewhere
on the floor

a walking oddity
given life by a
budding game designer

with the pose of an angel

i stand in your way.
Alexander Coy Feb 2017
how did we end up here
face down in the puddle
of dying fluorescent lighting

our eyes flicker
memories of woe,
a one digit

and gravestones
with ropes
tied to their

with days gone by

how benign
it is to see our favorite
lovers arguing with
one another on
the corner with no

let's never
cross that street

when i dream

it's of
rotten cornfields
and charred
newborn bodies

a man hunts me down
tears right through me

then i tear right
through the next man

and this goes on
and on...

until i'm unable
to shed anymore tears
And eventually, you will meet someone,
out of the hundreds of people you’ve met in your life.
She’s ordinary and does the same things like everyone.
She wakes up in the morning, fix herself a cup of coffee,
does household chores, work her way out through the day,
drinks wine, read thick novels, and sleeps soundly at night.
But she will turn your world upside down.

This seemingly ordinary human being who is like
any other human being suddenly starts to become
the only human being in your life.
And you start to ask questions.

Like, why her? Why now?
Why does your heart beats faster when
she’s around and slows down when she’s not?
Why do you dream of her? Why do you see a future with her?
Why is your mind filled with the image of her face,
her warm smile, the curves of her body,
the roundness of her *******, the thickness of her thighs?

Why is her laugh the most beautiful music you’ve ever heard?
Why do you feel wonderful and glad when she says your name?

Suddenly, everything just seems to lighten up.
You are entering uncharted territories and
it feels so good to get lost in some place
that isn’t just built for sleeping and dreaming,
isn’t just four-walled and filled with furniture.

Home, more than buildings, houses,
and four-walled rooms, can be a pair of arms
around your body, like a second skin on you,
a birthmark you can never get rid of,
a memory you will never forget.
Alexander Coy Jan 2017
a man in the abyss
told me all about you

cleared up things
real quick;
and here i was wasting
so much time confused

i took a question mark
and straightened it out,--

was i too loud?

i am missing out
on your warm breath
at the moment

but aren't we the gaps
in crooked smiles anyway?

something that isn't there
has been here all along

or vice versa
ad infinitum

a woman held you
in her arms once

and fed you
till you became
plump with envy
and courage

now it's a battle
royale among
the voices

you tell them
with your last breath;

an every day occurrence...

like the tongue of a
dull knife against
the sand dunes of time.
Alexander Coy Jan 2017
take it easy
let the poison
takes it course;
through the veins

seep like a willow,
until there
is no more
desire to do so

and breathe
it's all you have
till the truth comes home
Alexander Coy Jan 2017
what to do with a broken
knee cap, tilted mindscape,
loss of stabilized perception?

comb the hair to the right,
let the fringe do all the
bang, bang, bang

shoot down the rest
of the face;

for it's smiles that keep
us at bay, until we are saddened
once more

by those despicable thoughts

how they cease to persist.

but persist they must
for what is a being
without opposition?

be it

or a finely structured

and so as organisms
it's our duty to
rise, expand,
fall and collapse

and continue this
without much reason
and purpose

till it's no longer
a viable option.

sung to sleep
by the various
choices; lulled awake by
auto-pilot actions,--

i am a grievance unto myself

and it's this truth that opens
a multitude of worlds to me.

happiness is a warm slum
where all the villagers huddle
by the fire, and speak of good
old days gone by.

they shall come again,
and again. joy gleaming
with viciousness, pouring
out each pupil as though

it were a lullaby searching
for the ear of a newborn.
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