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616 · Oct 2020
Valentine's Day
Tammie Oct 2020
Roses are red, violets are blue
A dinner you promised, just me and you.
Reproving winds lectured me in bites
For my barely-there skirt, and lustful eyes.

Sour cream lathered that oily exterior.
The aftertaste lingered, creating a barrier
Of which soft lips could not break through
Nor embellished flowers or chocolate fondue.

With our stomachs full, with more than just food
You brought me back home with beer-stained shoes.
My mind a fog. The Lamb now waits to be skinned
For the Wolf that set the ****** trap to finally begin.

Virginal blush, tinged with her bruises all blue
A dinner you had promised, just me and you.
be careful on first dates
214 · Oct 2020
A Tightrope
Tammie Oct 2020
Two lanes of whirring cars
I teetered on the edge of misery
My arms extending— I'd wished to be a butterfly.
The metallic shrill they left
In the dust of their coarse,
Unforgiving wheels
Sang like a sheet of notes
Strung into a nostalgic minor chord.
As if playing catch,
I swayed from side to side.
‘How low would I need to go
Before I’d get hit?’
I didn’t get far enough to know.
22 · Nov 2020
Dauphin be damned!

— The End —