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Dani Jul 2018
You told me
Baby, I’ll ruin you.
I said
Don’t play with fire.
or you’re going to get burnt
Dani Jun 2018
I haven’t learnt to breath fire yet
So it sits in my chest, pressing against my ribcage, searing the flesh around my heart
Hot tongues lick up the inside of my throat, burning my words as they come up, blackening them beyond recognition
You put this burning snake inside me
And choose to blame me for burning too
Dani Jun 2018
You left a burning snake
That coils itself at the base of my gut
Snorting smoke that travels up inside me
Fills my lungs and chokes me
Until I learn to breathe fire
So I can destroy you with your own devices
Dani Jun 2018
You tell her I’m crazy
Because I told her how you slid your hands up the insides of my thighs the day you were planning to see her
Because I told her how your lips tasted the day you had dinner with her parents
Because I told her how you looked between my legs the day you told her you loved her

You tell her I’m crazy
Because you had me and wanted her

You tell her I’m crazy
Because I found out
Dani Jun 2018
I am sorry to my body
But my spirit was not strong enough
Dani Jun 2017
This is how I die
Not by poison, by blade, by bullet or by fault
No big exit, no trumpet, no serenade or fall
Just you, yourself, left ingrained in my veins
Your absence, your silence, is killing me again.
Dani Oct 2014
I like the small things in life.
I like the smell of sweat on our skin after being out
I like the smell of rain in the mornings and the feel of it pattering on the top of my head
I like late nights and early mornings, burning my candle at both ends
I like putting on makeup and feeling like a girl
But I like wearing baggy clothes and my hair up and feeling lazy too
I like people's faces;
I like crooked noses and thick eyelashes
I like thick hair and crooked smiles
I like sunrises and sunsets
I like thunder and lighting
I like sleeping in and waking early
I like mornings before the world has woken up; I like nights after the world has gone to sleep
I like life, and everything that comes with it
But you should always appreciate the small things in life
Because life without these things wouldn't be life at all
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