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aennij 6d
you broke my heart.
but little did you know what you did was an art,
brushes and paint are all its part.
boy, you weren't that smart.

you made me feel ******,
but now you're acting like you're all harmed.
wounds and stabs were all planned.
boy, you should've known how to withstand.
aennij Jul 7
Justice, when will you seek this land?
Infuriated and filled with rage and flame.  
Nation, do you demand?
Neglecting our own and true name.
Education, how will we stand?
Aggravated with ignorance and fame.

And when must our country be at our hand?

Justice, you shall always acclaim.
Oath taken by people whom hands are to blame
Stripped and deprived of our own sea and sand.
Eager, I am, to save our crown land.
for our fellow filipinos who were deprived to fish at their own sea.
aennij Jul 7
kung walang tatayo para sa bayan, sino?
ikaw na takot at naniniwala sa kuro-kuro?
ikaw na sanay na sa sistemang pabago-bago?
kung hindi tayo lalaban, sino?

sino bang dapat lumaban at makiaklas?
sino bang nandyan hanggang bukas?
sino bang nais humamon upang maging patas?
sino ba dapat ang kailangang tinitingala at tinitingnan sa itaas?

hindi ba't ikaw ang dapat gumawa ng paraan?
hindi ba't ikaw na mamamayan?
hindi ba't ikaw na Pilipino sa dugo at laman?
hindi ba't ikaw na anak ng bayan?

sa bawat siglong dadaan ay nanatili ang rebolusyon,
ang tanging kailangan ay pagmamahal sa nasyon.
mga aksyon natin dapat iayon,
kaya lumaban ka para sa sarili, sa bayan at sa susunod na henerasyon.
para sa bayan.
aennij Jul 7
himig ng 'yong boses tila sigaw ay kaligtasan
di makakaila sating tinginan
sa'yong mga mata'y nakikita ang hantungan
tayo lang ang tanging may kaalaman

kaya't ika'y hahanapin kahit saan
sa kabilang ibayo man o bayan
kahit saan ika'y susundan
'pagkat ikaw ang tanging tahanan

aking tatawagin kailanman
ang 'yong nagiisang pangalan
kahit alin man ang pagdaanan
ang mahalaga ay ika'y mahagkan

kaya't aking irog, aking kasintahan
ipapaalala sayo ang ating pagmamahalan
lahat para sayo ay aking ilalaan
pagkat ikaw ang tanging tahanan
super cheesy kssksk !! made this for fil subject
aennij Jul 7
I liked every street lights in your place,
the endless paradise you made me see,
every warmth of your embrace.
This locked heart of mine, you are the only key.

Girls were head over heels,
it was a long line.
Your stares give unfamiliar chills,
but why does it make me feel fine?

You see, I don't know you at all,
and I won't even bother to.
But then, your eyes are a symbol of call,
that makes me wanna question something about you.

The feeling was never different,
actually, it was the same.
But there's this electric current
whenever I hear your name.

So bear with me and my questions,
please answer them very clearly.
I need no hesitations
so please don't be wary.

Time passed and I felt longing.
How I miss that unfamiliar stare.
There, I realized everything,
what I have been feeling, what I have seen, was all a snare.

I have now learned,
that it was all entrapment.
I was snared,
by my own fulfilment.
aennij Nov 2018
when everything is too much to bear
and you think everything is falling apart in the air.
you must remember,
i'll always be there somewhere.
remind yourself and swear,
that everyone has the chance to repair.
sometimes we fall ensnare,
but one thing you should always forswear:
you are unique, you are rare
and you deserve all the care.
aennij Nov 2018
pain is a proof that we are alive.
that in any order, we always strive.
we sometimes contrive,
but we always remember to thrive.

we are willing to do anything just to survive.
in any deep seas, we are willing to dive.
even if it is pain that we derive.
for pain is a proof that we are alive.
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