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hue Feb 3
i wish these
teaspoons of smiles
and tears that i always
give, would be soon
a spoonful of smiles
and laughter.
hue Jan 23
How could I forget you?
The way you talk, the way you walk
The way you look at me, happiness shining through

How could I forget you?
The way you cared, your embrace
hugging me every night tightly
kissing me in the cheeks softly

How could I forget you?
The way you comfort, every time I shed a tear
you were there taking away my fear

How could I forget you?
You are the most beautiful person I've ever met
Your smiles and your love are true
i feel safe, and every time you sing a song
I feel beautiful, especially when you ended up
saying, I love you.
a father's love is really the best.
hue Sep 2018
How can someone love me if I'm too broken?
If my scars are visible and ****
If I keep too many secrets unspoken
And my heart is always unhappy

How can someone love me if I'm shattered?
I am a hard puzzle you can't ever solve
The pieces of me are scattered
And i am difficult to dissolve

How can someone love me if I don't even love myself?
If I'm the one who sends trouble
If I'm like an old book stock in a shelf
And a boring girl who doesn't go out from her bubble

So how can someone love me if I'm locked up in a cage
And too broken like a crumpled page.
hue Sep 2018
You were blind
And I am blindly in love

You can't see the world nor I am
You told me to change my mind
I didn't, instead I made myself your eyes

It was happy being in love with you
Despite that you lack something, you were happy too
Yet you were sad because you can't see me and make me happy
So it's time to return the happiness you gave me

I gave you my eyes
And I was blind

You were happy to see the world for the first time
You noticed me and asked me who am I
I said I am the girl who stayed by your side

I held your face, you cried
I wiped it with my thumb and smiled
"Don't cry, love. Take care of the gift I gave you. Keep it, I want you to see the world by using the things i treasured."
hue Aug 2018
How can I write a poem if I am stucked?
If my feelings are unfathomable
My words from my mouth can't be plucked
And my thoughts are so unexplainable

How can I write a poem if I stopped bleeding?
If my heart stops to function
And my lungs stops breathing
And my skin starts breaking to explosion

How could I write a poem if my soul is dead?
If my flesh starts to rotten
If the tears in my eyes I couldn't shed
And the memories I made was forgotten

How could I write a poem if from the beginning I have no feelings
And humans are also the reason why I stopped thinking.
Hello poetry! It's been a while since the day I last posted here. It's just that my heart is not in the place to write and my ideas faded. But I'm back!
hue Aug 2018
Another day has passed by
The moon illuminates up high
Shining through the window's blinds
The cold wind begun to crawl behind

The crickets I hear made me unknot
Such a stressful day for a youth
A day of harrassment became so blunt
A part of me was lost like a missing tooth

I was intimidated by the fact
The truth that I was bullied by the society
Daggers of words are still intact
Cornering me in a room full of despondency

I let people disgust me
I let them misjudge my sincerity
I let the day becomes my misery
I let the day becomes the night of melancholy

Here it comes, it's three o'clock
It's time for happiness until five
It's the moment of being alive

Finally, I have found peace
Where my heart is feeling glee
In a jocund room that I please
A room that has Him and me

It was then three o'clock;
where my soul peacefully lays
Wandering like a soft cloud
And the chirping of birds play
I thank God for being loved.
hue Aug 2018
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Like the waves in the ocean
I'll continue loving you.

But these roses aren't red
And violets aren't exactly blue
Even though you turn 28
You still manage to look like 22.
No matter what I'll continue loving you.
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