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...before you press the button, ignite the bomb
PLEASE consider
What it has taken
For us to get where WE are...
A lot of Blood, Sweat and Tears,
Discordant, Revolutionary years!

Is this what you want- your work down the drain?
Is this what you want- to annihilate the human race?

About the CHILDREN, their FAITH in the older age.
I said, THINK about the CHILDREN, their TRUST in the older age.
They are relying on YOU
To show them the RIGHT things to do.

Is this what you want- to destroy them all?
Is this what you want- to END the WORLD?... Well, IS IT!?

Before you press the button, ignite the bomb, end it ALL
PLEASE consider---the REST of MANKIND!
Sincere plea!
Maybe my life is one of the ones
Dedicated to loving so tempestuously
Only to lose that love
So that my writing may always stay truthful
And my judgment never clouded with the lies of forever
isn't it crazy how
in the blink of an eye
one split second decision
can set off a
spiral of beauty
and pain
and sacrifice
and affection,
all wrapped in to one time bomb
of a relationship
with a fast approaching expiration date?
How many were there?
Who were they all?
Where are they now?

Why can't I remember everyone who
was important to me?

And why have so many forgotten me?

Then I think of Life beyond myself and how
Things change to meet the seasons
And the challenges of fate.

I recall discussions of how successful
Species adapt and evolve and go on
And I’m struck by the realization
That Life means my life too, though
I find no comfort in that.

And in moments like these
I find miss them all, even the ones I can’t remember.
tepid waters do not lie
gale is to cyclone
as rain to thundercloud
no amount of counter-spin
will make them anything other
than atmospheric unrest

El Niño, La Niña
how to read
the unsettled waters
upwelling from the deep
what should feed us
leaves us starving, weak

orcas encircle their kin
emaciated mother, tiny calf
dying from ocean’s lack
while we look on and moan
all the power to change
if we only cared to own it
In the Strait of Juan de Fuca (between Washington state and Vancouver Island, Canada) a resident female orca recently died from what scientists believe to be malnutrition and environmental toxins.  Her young male calf likely died as well, he was too young to survive without a mother.  The last aerial photos taken of the mother and calf show her emaciated, held afloat by family members. A heartbreaking sight.

On the heels of these deaths, there is increasing concern that this resident pod of orcas, numbering about 80 individuals, is declining to the point where it can’t recover.
Just about everyone likes ice cream
You can please some people with chocolate, some vanilla,
except for people who  might like fro yo,
among them the ones who like chocolate or vanilla
unless they want sherbet.  

Or maybe you can leave them to their choices
And try to please yourself.
Maybe not much of a poem, but the thought has gotten me through a lot of crazy moments
his sun kissed face buried in my neck
as he whisper words going through my head
he feels so cold between the sheets of this bed

cheap thrills, blue pills, wounds that can't heal
red lips against my skin, giving me chills
but i love him too much for me to keep him
edit: this is only a concept lol idek how i came up with this idea
Do not treat me like a princess
Though I enjoy the pretty things in life
And the joys that money can buy
I know that there is always a price to be paid

Do not treat me like a princess
I may read and write poetry in the morning
With Schubert playing in the background
But let me have a moment with my Scream Queens

Do not treat me like a princess
You may love me and think I am perfect
With all the grace and beauty in the world
But to love is to understand that perfection is a façade

And the truest love of all
Is when you love me
Without my perfection
A tic for a tac
And all of that
Once gone, it'll never come back

A penny for your thoughts
Because that's all you got
Even after all you sought

What comes around goes around
By this law we are bound
Even when silence is the only sound

You'll find all that glitters is not gold
You must take solace in what you hold
Before it spoils and turns to mold

Stuck between a rock and a hard place
This seems to be a hard case
Just stay in this space

So bite the bullet, till you bite the dust
See everything through eyes of disgust
For every thing turns to rust

So burn the midnight oil
So time your plans won't foil
Curl in on it's self and recoil

For this world is as cold as ice
Nothing in this place is nice
It will beat you up more than thrice

Brain is fried
Hands are tied
Soul has died

Just pound that last nail in the coffin
Please do not speak of us often
We'll be in the ground just rotten

©Pauline Russell
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