Adrian Dec 5

When I close my eyes
I can feel the bruises on my skin
And fear creeping in my veins

When I open them
I can see those
In flesh and bones

Adrian Nov 24

I'm not sure if I love you
Because of your noon's beam
Or your night's grim

But tonight I see
The sunshine in your smile
And thunderstorm in your eyes

Then I realize
I can love you for both
I can love you for all

For my quiet afternoon's crush and violent overnight rush.
Adrian Oct 27

People wonder
who killed
his lights

Saying he used to shine
brighter than the sun
and there were sparks
like those of the stars'

People wonder
who killed
his lights

But no one does

He turned it off

Adrian Oct 16

As a poet
People fall in love
With our verses
And our lines
With our poetry
And our rhymes

But very rarely
With us

Poet, Love, Poetry
Adrian Oct 11

I will re


the  s  t  a  r  s

to spell out your

n    a     m    e

So the universe is aware

that you are

m    i     n    e

Adrian Oct 8

We thought
our hearts
are ice cold

But oh, how they melt
at a pair of shining eyes
and a curve of a smile

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