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Gadis itu adalah sebuah parataksis.

Yang menghujam jauh hingga cakrawala
Horizon yang terbias oleh asmara
Dan candu feromon yang memuakkan akal sehat

Gadis itu adalah semantik tak terhingga.

Sebuah azimut yang rancu oleh kubah di sekelilingnya
Yang dapat dipahami hanya
Kau tenggelam dalam galaksi retinannya

Gadis itu adalah antitesis.

Dari segala idealisme yang kau bangun
Dari awal
Sebuah eradikasi
Yang membuatmu rela jatuh
Karena kau akan runtuh
Dalam dekapannya

Gadis itu adalah nyanyian yang utuh.

Birama yang mendayu kala mendengar candamu
Tawanya adalah resonansi yang jernih
Senyumnya adalah prisma bersudut lurus
Resital dari segala yang kau harapkan kali ini

Kau pun mulai bertanya-tanya
Apa yang gadis itu katakan tentangmu
Tanpa kau tahu

Bahwa gadis itu sedang mendeskripsikan dirimu.
Malang, 18 Desember 2015
Teruntuk pria yang membuatku candu
Seperti candunya pada secangkir kopi panas
There’s a man lying on a bed
Next to him sat a lady within the blanket
Zapping a cigarette, he handed it to her
Sharing a secondhand smoke
And said
“I love lady with a brain.”
She hopped on his chest
Interlocking his lips without letting upcoming words slither.

Following day
There’s a man lying on a bed
Next to him sat another lady
It costed thirthy nine seconds to forementioned lady
Rushed into the room
Bursted in tears
Recalling sugar coated lines the man had retorted.
“It was literally.”

She asked him why would he do such thing
And he replied
“Lemme get the bulb outta my head first.”

The last thing he’d remember
Was sharp pinch
Beneath his necktape
And there’s a lady
“It was literally, darling.”
and this is literature, Darling.
I'm looking forward the moment when I'll be fine again
I can't remember the days when I didn't feel this pain

If only you told me what I was about to go through
Maybe now I would not be this broken heart to rescue

I want to be happy, to laugh, I want to be complete
And most of all, I really need to be back on my feet

No matter what it takes, I just want you out of my mind
But it seems like all you did, was to leave me colorblind.
Kilatan cahaya di pupilmu
Membiaskan triliun makna
Yang tertunda dalam klandestin malam
Namun kabut di antara asap metropoitan

Rangkaian mana yang harus kukonversi?
Di antara jutaan spektrum tentang harapan
Dan ribuan gelombang elektromagnetk yang fana
Akan segala mimpi yang menetes, menyublim hilang ditelan lara

Kau lihatkah kilatan cahaya di pupilmu
Di sela-sela kinerja korteks mengasosiasikan kisah kita?
Bangkitkan segala asa
Yang terkubur dalam dinginnya angin malam
Dan tenggelamdalam segelas kopi hitam
Terpendar dalam lampu jalanan, di antara asap metropolitan
Surabaya, 15 November 2014
Kepada Pemuja Semantik
Yang Takut Pada Biasnya Definisi
In her radiance
Lost my vibrant
Breathtaking the harbor nights
Sleek silky red dress
Quibble over the sacrilege
Pin sized consciousness
Sealed with a kiss
Perpetuate the captivation
Feeling poignant
Once fold the old fiasco
All the harbor air
So right.
#nowplaying Spyro Gyra, Harbor Nights.
A moonlit dance beneathe constellations
      not Taurus or Gemini, Delphinus or Orion
                 but stars we named together
                   linking lines from star to star
       hands pointing in air so cold
a tear falls and
  leaving a roadmap on my cheeks
            that you
                           ­            chase
   ­         lifting the palm of your hand
                 so cold to the touch I shiver
            feeling the beauty of my tears
         that glisten like Venus in the midnight sky
             of this cold Parisian night
  you smile in jest and
     I misplace the space
  between you and I and that sky
  whispering "do you love me?"
    how could I resist the beauty of
                 our second to last kiss.

© Sia Jane
I'm such like a chemical equation.
May evening, 10 pm as the time stitch stick, I was ionized.

We were, perfectly just like Berilium and Sulfate combination did.

Slowly by time, it solved like a combustion struck by appearance of troublesome oxygen and we survived
whereas the beliefs evaporated like the hydrogen dioxide.

In the end, you won over it, finalized the equation by eliminating me both in left and right side.

Leaving me partially ionized, failed thermochemistry as the exothermic spread no waste and the enthalpy was hurt much more.
and without electron I lost.
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