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  Dec 2018 Aditya Gupta
if the universe flinched,
when God took you away.*
- dakota

Will I grace your thoughts when the moment comes?
Will your universe come to a complete standstill?
Will you choke back your tears...
Or by the buckets would they fill?

This pain in my heart
What is it?
I know now it's love
I know now I was bit...

I clutch my chest and begin to think...
Of the splintered shard I had failed to extract
I feel subdued and ultimately shattered
By the crushing bitter ripples of a broken pact

I'm hurting much
But strangely so...
I'm beginning to savour it
More than you know...
Line taken off dakota's 10w - "These words are not mine to keep" for Frank's "Let's Do A Line!" challenge.

Her quote caught my eye and heart the moment I read it and thought, "Wow... That's a great quote!"

It made me think and reflect on my place in the universe. Wondered if whatever I felt would send out ripples into the universe around me.

Thank you dakota for this inspiring this write...
Aditya Gupta Mar 2018
I'm like a sailor at sail,
You're the waves of the ocean that soothe my mind.
You have no idea how amazing you are,
Unlike anything that I'll ever find.

Like the Sun on a rainy day,
Like the rays peeking through the cloud.
Your smile is the same to me,
I want to express it to you out loud.

Not everybody can see your heartache,
Only I can understand.
The pain he gave you,
Was so much that no one can withstand.

But you are unable to forget him,
Because you see him everyday.
Tell me what you need to move on,
Because I want to help you in every way.

I so much want 'us' to happen,
I want us to try.
I don't want us to be afraid,
It may turn into something good, please don't be shy.

Whatever be the problem,
We'll go through it together.
Whether something happens between us or not,
I'll be your best friend forever.

Have you ever smelled the Earth after rain?,
Well its something called petrichor.
Your eyes have the same effect on me, when you look at me,
They are to die for.

Do you ever think of me?,
Do I ever come in a thought?
I'll never force you to feel for me,
Because feelings are something, which cannot be brought.

— The End —