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Aditi Sep 2017
And here I lay.
          My fingers were concealed beneath the sand, intertwined with an imaginary hand I had fashioned in my mind, along with seashells and starfish alike that had secluded themselves from the airy surface. Subdued tidal waves loomed nearer as they brushed my arm, aroused goosebumps on my bare skin, and receded in silence. This was the handiwork of Serenity: she visited my mind when it no longer desired exertion and instead yearned for a peaceful slumber. Her placid disposition induced tranquility... the calm before the storm, the beauty in simplicity. Her presence invigorated me and instilled in me a sense of renewal, even in the infinitesimal amount of time we idled away together.

        When she left, so did her pleasant ambiance. Not long after, her counterpart Worry arrived, along with his ominous clouds that spilled gloominess. Granted, he did not wish to occupy the forefront of my thoughts; rather, he lurked in the background, jarring my nerves and vexing me when given the opportunity. He reeked of doubt and insecurity; yet while I resented his existence, he imposed on me a sense of reality and purpose, constantly reminding me of my tasks and ambitions. With him I would sprint onward on an obscure path, and he would constantly challenge me with obstacles, which gave me the incentive to surpass him, placing us in perpetual competition.

         Rarely did he bring his companion, Fury, with him - yet when he did, the impending storm burst and the ground erupted in blazing flames, inducing a fiery inferno. Fury obliterated everything in her path in a brash manner, acting without reason and seething with fury. She roared with the tenacity of a thousand volcanoes and spewed fountains of scorching lava. Her outbursts generally occurred after her prolonged confinement, yet when they ended she was chained again, and grudgingly retreated back into hibernation.

          After Serenity arrived once more and mended the damage inflicted by Fury, my most treasured visitor appeared: Bliss. Her vivacity and exuberance were unparalleled, and she radiated a glow that blossomed over everything in its path. From the scorched ground bloomed a meadow of mellow wildflowers, an efflorescence of her joy. Overhead, clouds parted and the azure sky reunited with the shimmering water until the horizon was a mysterious blur, calling me to the unknown.
Congrats if you read through this entire thing! I didn't mean for it to be so long, but who knows? Maybe I'll continue it in the future just for fun :)
Aditi Aug 2017
let us lay on the earth core to core
              its heartbeat will be the metronome to our alluring melody

and tremble with the fury of a thousand lions
             licking the blazing sun in whose golden ambiance we bask

until it is engulfed by inky darkness
            etched with primeval tales concealed in still constellations

while our frosty breath dances on in the tranquil moonlight
           to the rhythm of the earth’s heartbeat

and to the rhythm
          of our own
Aditi Aug 2017
a canary escaping the confines of its cage
yellow feathers floating, swirling, landing softly
like snowflakes on a child’s nose

wrists twisted, handcuffs broken
chains released, a neglected gem out of the shadows
potential unlocked

scars washed vigorously with soap
the marks of unfair ownership
faded yet never completely gone

sewing needles replaced by pens
aprons interchanged with suits
no longer silenced

Aditi Aug 2017
the painful word lingering on the lips like a sour aftertaste,
morphing the eyes into pools laden with too much weight  
teardrops spilling and being wiped away in haste,
yet nothing can uplift this dejected state

we met after so long only to be separated once more
who knows when we shall see each other again?
grew up together, young and innocent before
undeniably close at heart even back then

our bonds are stretched back to seven seas apart
we will fade in each other's minds but will always stay
and with this new peace of mind and strengthened heart
promise we will never go astray
Aditi Aug 2017
metallic clouds lay
immersed in galactic smoke
veiling other worlds

with golden stardust
that is etched in our bodies
laced into our breath

and showers the soil
as fine powdery ashes
sinking to the core
three haiku
  Aug 2017 Aditi
Give me a minute
To read the stars
Lamenting in their stories
Their laboured twinkling far and sparse

Give me this moment
To stumble and swoon
My branches reaching for
The faraway moon

Give me a while
To be one with the universe
Hear the colliding planets
As they spill their mournful verse

Give me some time
To plot my rightful place
Within my uncharted galaxy
And collapsing space...
  Jul 2017 Aditi
Rainey Birthwright
In still morning light,
There is new beginning,
Early birds so joyous,
On wings into the sky,
How the sun is painting
A paradise for my eyes.

I will wake into dream,
On this day so spectral,
I will sing with the breeze
And interpret the songs
Of birds in trees a flame,
Sailing into heavens' dawn.
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