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Jules Jan 2021
Nothing's wrong
Nothing's right
I lie awake
Crying in the night
Although I feel fine
I know I'm alright
But my mind is racing
At the thought of what might
Dec 2020 · 59
back again
Jules Dec 2020
I'm back again
Here at your will
I swore I was done with you
I believed I was through with you
And I was
I really was
But then we kissed
And layed
Became so close
You made me stay
The night with you
But I don't regret it
And I know that you
Don't either too
We fell asleep
No counting sheep
Because we're comfortable
Just me and you
Nov 2019 · 386
make believe
Jules Nov 2019
I knew for sure there was no guarantee
But what's the harm if I agree
For a few seconds
That what I see
Is more than just make believe
Nov 2019 · 363
lack of feeling
Jules Nov 2019
Why am I letting this hit me so hard?
It's over
I'm done
You're gone
I can't digest your lack of feeling
I can't begin this state of healing
Nov 2019 · 357
never be the same
Jules Nov 2019
When we're together, you put my heart at ease
but this still hurts, you're no good for me
Can't say I don't jump whenever I hear your name
because of you, I'll never be the same
Nov 2019 · 325
my thoughts on you
Jules Nov 2019
My thoughts on you
seemed more angelic
than the reality
of what stood
before me.
Nov 2019 · 1.0k
express my feelings
Jules Nov 2019
I never could express
how great it felt
to be with one
who made me feel
like myself.
Who put a smile
on my face,
to make me laugh
until it aches,
to make me shine
just like the stars
but all that's left
is all these scars.
And now it's gone.
And now I'm left
feeling haunted.
Oct 2019 · 250
i wouldn't mind
Jules Oct 2019
I don't wanna die
But if I could turn it off
I wouldn't mind
Can't say I'd ever try
Don't worry I wouldn't lie
But if I could turn if off
(right now)
I wouldn't mind
Oct 2019 · 145
love is blind
Jules Oct 2019
I never believed that love was blind
until my heart shattered into a million tiny pieces
with nothing left but a cold, cold chest
It wasn't until then I realized all the signs I missed
All the red flags that life was showing me
Screaming at me
But I just blindly turned the other direction
like some imperceptive fool
Now I'm lying here
on the numbing bathroom floor
with an empty bottle of merlot
feeling like an idiot
Blind love heart shattered cold redflags direction numb merlot
Oct 2019 · 1.1k
losing it all
Jules Oct 2019
Losing your love
Losing your light
Losing your friendship
Losing my mind
In the process
Of losing it all
Of losing you
Oct 2019 · 402
Jules Oct 2019
You saw a blueberry
On the corner of the sidewalk
Something you shouldn't have noticed
But unexpectedly took interest
In a blueberry
On the sidewalk

With each passing day
You'd see that blueberry
And with each passing day
You looked forward to it
To a blueberry
On the sidewalk

But eventually, the leaves will fall
And the snow will come
People will move on
And nothing will be left
Nothing at all
Not even a blueberry
On the sidewalk
Oct 2019 · 338
far far away
Jules Oct 2019
I don't take much interest these days
On the thoughts you have and the things you say
Sure, I may listen
Sure, I may pay
close attention to whats underway
but right now I feel tired
right now I'll just stay
far from you
far far away
Oct 2019 · 187
Jules Oct 2019
Cross faded by 6:45
I'm thinking about you
You're one of a kind
Something I like
Something I wouldn't mind
Getting to know
Calling you mine
Just a high thought at 6:45
Oct 2019 · 224
Jules Oct 2019
Nobody's writing love songs about me
Nobody's longing to kiss me
Nobody's asking to hold my hand
Nobody's a somebody's no one of importance
Wishing I could be seen by you
Wishing I could be heard by you
Wishing I could be loved by you
But Nobody is who I am to you
Oct 2019 · 421
hello old me
Jules Oct 2019
I wonder whether to be ignorant than aware
Would be worse
At least I'd be somewhat happy
On this perfect sunny earth
But I was never fond of summer to begin with
So I guess it doesn't matter if I'm here or nonexistent

Another part of me is kinda happy living free
To catch up with all the people and faces I used to be
Reminds me of home
from when I was younger
Who knew I'd miss the love and laughter
Like a brother
Oct 2019 · 207
for what i am
Jules Oct 2019
You asked when all this changed
I said nothing really it's all remained
Except today
You saw my face for what I am
Oct 2019 · 147
recycled feelings
Jules Oct 2019
I recycled the feelings I once had for you.
Oct 2019 · 121
comfort in forgetting
Jules Oct 2019
I take comfort in forgetting what I have been meaning to forget.
Oct 2019 · 117
Jules Oct 2019
Time is ticking
Time is fleeting
But most of all
My heart is beating
Oct 2019 · 571
better off
Jules Oct 2019
I grew through
What I went through
I still have
that same issue
I still have
that feeling of
that I miss you
When I see
your favorite color
I always think
I always wonder
What might have been
A former lover

But then I know
that I remember
You ******* ****
And I've done better
Off without you
I'll count the numbers
I'm better off
You'll always love her
I'm better off
And I'm no better
I'm better off
How'll I recover?
I'm better off
Without you

It always pains me
when I see you
two together
Just you wait
until you tell her
all the crazy
**** you've done
and that you'll never
stay forever
Or that you're scared
to be alone
you're always looking
at your phone
Hey what's it like
atop that thrown?
It must be nice
I wouldn't know

But then I know
that I remember
You ******* ****
And I've done better
Off without you
I'll count the numbers
I'm better off
You'll always love her
I'm better off
And I'm no better
I'm better off
How'll I recover?
I'm better off
Without you
Oct 2019 · 202
what's it like to let me go
Jules Oct 2019
What's it like to let me go?
I asked you twice and still don't know
I'd never thought you'd stoop so low
At least I've learned to manage though
All the pain
And all the shame
You put me through
For all my being was never enough
I can't believe I ever had loved you
Why on earth did I ever love you?
Why did I love you?
I loved you
Oct 2019 · 298
ego boost
Jules Oct 2019
Some kid called you hot
Happens more often than not
I'm glad it's their to boost your ego
You feel uncomfortable
but yet enjoy it though?
Oct 2019 · 1.0k
falling back
Jules Oct 2019
I changed my mind
For the third time
I don't believe in you anymore
I don't believe in us anymore
I don't believe in love anymore
My heart has taken too much to handle
My mind is left in impeccable shambles
Loving you was only a dream
Nothings forever
Even nothing it seems
But if I close my eyes
I feel once more
Myself falling back
to your crashing shores.
Oct 2019 · 310
Jules Oct 2019
I think I'll quit my job today
I think I'll stay at home today
I think I'll drink some more today
I think I'll be okay today
Oct 2019 · 210
i'm doing much better
Jules Oct 2019
I'm doing much better
I think that it's the weather
I think that it's the fact I haven't seen you since December
I think it's in the sky
I think that I know why
I think it's cause I've recently been seein other guys
I'm doing much better
Oct 2019 · 276
won't apologize
Jules Oct 2019
I know I disappear occasionally
I lock myself in my room silently
Sitting alone
Just me on my own
Feeling so overwhelmed by all the noise

By all the people
By all the attention
By all the commotion

It takes a part of me
And leaves no emotion
I won't apologize
not this time
Oct 2019 · 244
Jules Oct 2019
Two beautiful people
Under a moon lit sky

A stream of tears
That leave the eye

Some call it a tragedy
Some call it a master piece

Whatever it is
It's something untimely
Oct 2019 · 239
the feeling of alone
Jules Oct 2019
Exclusively with one's self
Is how life's led to calamity
It's uncommon to shout in a crisis
Who's left to clean up the messes?
The feeling of alone
Is so cold
The feeling of alone
Changed my soul
The feeling of alone
Can I go home?
Oct 2019 · 137
happy looks good on you
Jules Oct 2019
You're happy
And hey
It looks good on you
Oct 2019 · 978
tell me the things i need
Jules Oct 2019
Tell me you don't love me
Tell me that you're ashamed
Tell me the things I need
To make me walk away
Even if you want me
Even if I may
Don't take my hand
And beg me to stay
Because I will
Forever remain
Oct 2019 · 192
i'd wish
Jules Oct 2019
An empty bottle is all I kiss
And if a genie came out
I think I'd wish
I'd never had met you
I'll always regret you
The night that I met you
The year that I gave
I said that I loved you
Oct 2019 · 167
nights like these
Jules Oct 2019
Take a deep breath
Put your mind at ease
I'll always remember
Our nights like these
Oct 2019 · 174
Jules Oct 2019
The words unspoken
Are leaving me broken
Oct 2019 · 314
in over my head
Jules Oct 2019
In over my head
Something you said
I left you on read
Because I
I'm stuck in the way
You say my name
Make me wanna say
I love you
Oct 2019 · 286
i'm a goner
Jules Oct 2019
I gave so much of myself up
But was it ever enough?
I don't wanna grow up
Upside down
Can't turn around
Another day
And I'm a goner
Mama I don't wanna feel no longer
Oct 2019 · 175
what's up
Jules Oct 2019
The surface here is rough
Feels like a break up
Almost given up
What's up
With us
Oct 2019 · 196
still obsessed
Jules Oct 2019
Back in July
you crossed my mind
And ever since
you never left
A slow, slow process
I can't deny
I fall for those eyes
every time
A few words
of which confessed
Blah blah blah
I'm still obsessed
Oct 2019 · 103
state of healing
Jules Oct 2019
Why am I letting this hit me so hard?
It's over
I'm done
You're gone
I can't digest your lack of feeling
I can't begin this state of healing
Oct 2019 · 192
never be the same
Jules Oct 2019
When we're together
you put my heart at ease
But this still hurts
You're no good for me
Can't say I don't jump
when I here you're name
Because of you
I'll never be the same
Oct 2019 · 130
Jules Oct 2019
I hate how it consumes me
It's not enough to feed the addiction
I can't deny my love for attention
Oct 2019 · 210
as it rains
Jules Oct 2019
As it rains
I feel some sort of way
A feeling so deep
I can't possibly say
the things that weigh
upon my mind
How do I change it?
Where do I go?
It takes me hostage
more than you know
But as I sit here
on the side
You gaze right at me
One of a kind
Oct 2019 · 193
make me say
Jules Oct 2019
What's the point in asking you for help?
Only makes more problems
What the hell
Much more simple
just to slip away
Goodness god
Don't make me have to say

Let's pretend we've never met before
Would you leave
or would you ask for more?
Look at me
and say it isn't true
you've wanted all this too

Over and over again
until it's gone
That's the price you pay for what you've done
Shifting rhythms
messing with the time
Chasing after
what's not really mine
Oct 2019 · 127
don't you mind
Jules Oct 2019
I've been put in a tough space
Moving on but I still love that face
Changing rhythms
You show no sign
Don't worry mom
I'm doing fine

Gathering messages on the run
Exploring another is too much fun
Remembering slowly my thoughts on you
Knowing I loved just more than a few

Shamefully wishing you by my side
You're words hurt me
don't you mind?
Oct 2019 · 169
come save her
Jules Oct 2019
I'm so tired
Need a break
Only so much my heart can take
Willing to love you
Willing to change
But I can't keep writing
The same **** take
Please forgive me
My limbs grow weak
Do you listen when I speak?
Graceful nights
Exchange a favor
Nothing will ever come to save her
Oct 2019 · 172
get over it
Jules Oct 2019
Your incompetence
is no accomplishment
Your inhibition
is no excuse
What're you waiting for?
What're seeking for?
It's all a mess
What're you waiting for?
What're you crying for?
Get over it
Oct 2019 · 160
Jules Oct 2019
Sat on the porch
replaying what we touched
You and me
they called it us
Oct 2019 · 173
your dream
Jules Oct 2019
I keep thinking about it
Looking for a sign
I know I'm not blind
But I still kling to the idea
The idea of you and I
I can see she makes you happy
More than we'd ever be
And for that I'm grateful
You're living your dream
Oct 2019 · 192
never be me
Jules Oct 2019
Surrounded by impeccable noise
This was nothing but my choice
Goodness gracious
I lost my voice
So anxious I can't breath
I think it's from Ms. Melody
How beautifully she's made
You flew to her aid
My heart has been awoken
Living to be broken
Needing be free
It'll never be me
Oct 2019 · 881
chasing wasted time
Jules Oct 2019
Tell me you're thoughts on us
Before I lose myself
I know I said I'm fine
But I can't help it
Am I chasing wasted time?
What could really be mine?
Oct 2019 · 238
on the fence
Jules Oct 2019
I'm on the boarder
Of losing my mind
What's with this guy?
Can you please choose a side?
Cuz I'm on the fence
With no more time
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