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Mar 2015 · 234
Adil Zaidi Mar 2015
A drop of sweat rolling down my neck,
The drop turned crimson as it further went down,
The time somewhat stopped and I felt painless,
My heart pounded it's way through the rush

Eyes widened to capture the fading landscape,
The hands felt wet yet nothing was felt,
The landscape faded the light all gone,

The legs all cramped failing to stand again.

A flash bought light back to my eyes,
In a world it opened and I felt good,
I saw myself as a little brat,

Oh god! I was a child once again..

I saw my life how happy it was,
No cries no frowns no complains no grief,
Innocence was all which I had with me,

Oh god! I want that time once again.

The vision moved away and I was a boy,
With a lion's heart and the bravest friends,
I'd die for them and they'd for me,

Oh god! I want those friends once again.

Years flew like matter of seconds,
And there I saw a face of me,
Worried to live, worried to succeed,

Oh god! I want that determination once again.

My visions stopped on an unusual day,
My nerves stressed, my heart pumped fast,
The swooshing wind and the thrill of speed,

Oh god! I want that feeling once again.

Just a matter of seconds is all it took,
I'm nearly dead in a pit of blood,
What if I got some more time,

Oh God! I want that second once again.

I feel my blood nearing the empty mark,
I feel the hands of my watch getting slow,
I feel the sound of this world ** low,

Oh God! I want this world once again.

My widened eyes have lost their strength,
An endless force on my eyelids to close,
The lights of life getting dull forever,

Oh God! I want those eyes once again.

I lie alone counting moments and life,
I lie alone waiting for this quest to end,
It's nothing I could do to live once again.

Oh god! I want that life once again.
Mar 2015 · 2.9k
That One Belief
Adil Zaidi Mar 2015
Neither in the vividness of the arches of a cathedral,
Nor in the dangling bells and echoing rituals of a temple,
Neither on the holiest banks of Nile or Ganges,
Nor among the peaks of the grandest Mountain,

There is no augury, there is no God, is there no God? And if there is,

Why are the eyes of lives haunted by the cruel dreams of disbelief?
Why is banishment tangled around the feet of a truth seeker?
Why the perverse thoughts and deeds ruling the Mankind?
Why the pious body and mind are today full of grief?

If there’s God, Why is this sea of cold blood on a high tide?
If there’s God, Why are the innocent lives being wasted?
If there’s God, Why are the good being handcuffed?
If there’s God, Why the darkness is today the source of light?

The slaps of violence on the face of peace is a sign of doom,
If there’s no God, then these drops of bloods cry for whom?

But GOD is that moment which is beyond knowledge and wit,

That one cipher which has taken centuries and yet not deciphered,
That one point of thought where the minds seize to think,
That one decision which stops a man from giving up,
That one drop of tear from the eyes of an Oppressed,

That one source of energy which makes us to take a stand,
That one voice of truth which demolishes the works of lie,
That one smile of innocence which equals a million shouts,
That one silver lining which makes us believe in ourselves,

Calls Aloud and makes us believe, that there is A GOD,
And He’s Everywhere, With everyone, and Will always be.

— The End —