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Adeola A Jan 2014
You came over me like a summer storm:
Unexpected, Sudden, Explosive.
Did I catch the scent of your rain?
Did I feel the shift of your wind?
Did I notice the darkening of your
cloudy gaze as it settled on me?
The lightning of your words
presumed the thunder in my heart.
And I was caught in the downpour
of your affection.
And I was drenched in the torrent
of your desire.
How did I miss the scent of your rain,
And the shift of your wind, and the darkening of your
cloudy gaze as it settled on me?
You stole your way into my thoughts;
The swarm of your clouds
became a haze over my mind.
until I became a tempest of emotion,
And the furor of my storm matched the fury of yours.
And we were swept away, together,
in the flood of our desires.
Adeola A Jan 2014
You think I don’t see
The way you lean away from me,
as if my Blackness is catching.
I watch your eyes, watch your things;
Taking inventory in preparation
I see your smile get the tiniest bit tighter,
when I park myself next yourself
and ourselves are no selves
Yeah, I notice the way you begin to shift,
like an unscratchable itch is inching inching inching
across your skin.
Or is it just my skin?
Those whispered words between you
and your little blond-haired friend
are not as soft as you’d like to believe
But I think you already know that
and I know that you know that I know,
not like
And I am left to bear the brunt of your discomfort
Saying my bad, my fault, it’s on me
But it isn’t, is it?
You think I can somehow ruuuuuub my
all. over. you.
Besmirching your not-so-fair skin
(you’ve got a little something right there).
Am I condescending on your privilege,
invading on your right, not my right, to be you and not me?
Well guess what?
You can’t catch my blackness.
It’s not a disease,
coughing and breathing and bleeding you in.
It won’t wipe off on you if I touch you (yeah I said it)
Breathe easy home girl.
Besides, I wouldn’t give it to you if you begged me
hands raised, knees bent, eyes welling, swelling, filling and spilling.
I didn’t catch my blackness. You won’t either
But maybe if you could,
you would
understand how your actions make me feel
And wouldn’t that be progress?
Adeola A Jan 2014
You make me feel like
A natural Woman.
Like a woman with curves
And hips that don’t lie,
And ******* that don’t quit.
You make me feel like
An intelligent woman.
Like a woman with intellect
And thoughts in her mind
And wits in her soul.
You make me feel like
A beautiful woman.
Like a woman with sparkling eyes
And luscious lips
And a captivating smile.
You make me feel like
A wanted woman.
Like a woman you desire
With the touch of your hand
And the song of your mouth.
You make me feel like
A real woman.
Like a woman who wants
And inspires
And entices you.
You make me feel like
A powerful woman.
Like a woman who can charm your heart
And beguile your soul
And devour you whole.
You make me feel.
You make me feel
You make me feel
Like a Woman.
Adeola A Apr 2013
How could I have come to love you so?
In such a short period of time
The depth of my feelings leaves me
Breathless, a sigh
And the thought of leaving you makes my chest ache
How did you steal so softly into my heart?
Worming your way into the deepest oceans of my love,
You’ve rooted yourself in me and I can’t dig you out
When all this is said and done, I will be the one who hurts, bleeds
And you will go on, as you always have
Standing Eternal.
Adeola A Mar 2013
You're my biggest regret;
Bet you didn't know that...
I was always good
at surprising you.
Adeola A Jul 2012
i refuse to play by your rules.
i fold into myself as you
attempt to dictate my Mind.
your words fall
like bricks
upon the surface of my Heart.
you push and you press
and all I want to do is run.
do you not see?
can you not tell?
i am not a piece
of clay
for you to impress upon.
you cannot mold my beliefs.
you cannot form my values.
your wrong is not my wrong.
your right is not my right. and
is not yours to call.
you gave birth to me but
you didn’t give me Life.
you are not
to my Soul.
Adeola A Jan 2012
I think I killed a man today
I stabbed him twice and twice again
His blood gushed out
Over my hands
A tempest of life
A Niagara fall
I stared at him
He couldn’t breathe
I watched him leave
I watched him bleed
His accusing eyes
I watched them dim
And fade and fade
To haunt my days
I killed a man
I took a life
I felt no shame, no guilt, no pain
He died in vain
I’m glad he did
I think I’ll do it all again.
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