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This feeling it came without a warning,
without a reason it just suddenly there
and it will stay and it will make you
feel like the whole world is inside your chest
weighing it down.

Heads bursting like a glass
brain matter scattering everywhere
bathing in blood – soaking wet  
stiff as a rock, still as statue
eyes melting in their sockets
teeth falling out in its gaping mouth
withering like a flower
maggots, flies, insects having a feast
surrounding its body
Heads pounding, ears ringing
distorted reality the earth needs purging
from the virus called human beings
it's paranoid
light flashing everything is spinning
feels sick – vomiting, spiders coming
out of its mouth – worms in its eyes
skin melting – bones shattering
the shadows are chasing
realizing it was running in circles
there’s no escape from this place
needles sticking all over it – hysteria
wake up you will feel better.

Bash their head, bash their head
I want to bash their head
hit them with a bat in the head,
hit them with a knife in their chest
take out all of their organs and
wear them like a jewel,
wear them as a crown,
feed them to the animals,
feed it to their lifeless body
wrap it in their neck
ah! I’m all better, all better.

The ocean is beautiful under the starry night sky
as your face shines under the moonlight sky
your smile sends a raging waves inside my chest
like a storm that will never cease but that reminds
me your smile will never become mine I’m
drowning slowly sinking into the depths of your
ocean and you will never know for I smiled too.

Death stares at me as
he wait for my life to end
I can feel Death all over me
in my Blood
in my Veins
in my Head
slowly consuming me
Death awaits patiently.

Sometimes when I get lonely
I look at the sky and hoping
there are stars and every time I do so
it's always cold the night breeze is really calming
the stars are inviting they are really beautiful
I just stare at them for quite a while until
the loneliness goes away for a while
I sometimes think if the world turns off
the light they will see the stars better and
appreciate it the beauty of the universe and
its stars.

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