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adel Pacheco Jun 2014
I love you more than anyone else I known
I knew u from the beginning of the school year
And at the start I kept asking in the same question and u kept the use answer,
The school year ends and were at two parts of the world but our love at the same place, every time u say hey u light up my world like a lighter would to do a blunt
Every time u say I love u too, it makes me smile, I haven't gone a day with out texting you, and I don't want it to end, and **** that were so far apart because every time we Skype, I feel closer to you, in love you than there are  stars
And I hope we will see and hug each other once more
adel Pacheco Jun 2014
Its that ***** goes walks
In see that she can't knock
Well no prob
I'll just smoke and get backed
you were always fake
For gods sake
For once don't be a sly snake
Slithring with a knife about to stab me
You like watching me be in pain
So , don't hate on me
Because it ain't free
Since when can a ***** be her with out me
Yes I blow o's and always French inhale
And ghost inhale
Now you can't see me
Catch me if you can
I'll Mr waiting in my van
I put in imna box so I don't need an Xbox
Hope u give me a membership
Or I'll brake u into 500 Lil *******
This is only one part/ demo of my new song
And this comes from my heart decaded to one of my most hated ex's with all my darkness with hate
adel Pacheco Jun 2014
Dear Hello Poetry
You should put all profile and cover pictures in color ,

Like If u agree
adel Pacheco Jun 2014
Why has been my question
Why has never been answered
Why has been defendee by because
Why is a letter of curiosity
Why is just y on Facebook
Why is something a 5 year old would say
Y can be a vowel
Why do I live?
Why do u say yes but say no the next day?
Why do I cry?
Why,just why?
The only valid answer is just beacuse
adel Pacheco Jun 2014
Back home, its all slow
Back home, its so passive
Back home, its peaceful
Back home it's calm

Here, its rush hour every second
Here, I'm home sick
Here, its not peaceful

Yet, has history
Yet has new things
Yet different laws
Yet a beautiful skyline

Even though it's not Colorado,
I love New York
adel Pacheco Jun 2014
Her smile is contagious
Her personality is who I'd be with
Her smile makes me feel like in another world
Her beautiful blue eyes are like the oceans
Her gold blonde hair is like the su

We both love each other
We feel better when were together
We both like to skate (well she longboards)
We both like rasta colors
We both love each others little details.

She makes me smile
She makes my day
She is brilliant
She's intelligent
She loves me like I love her
She's my oxygen and my essentials

I love her
I want to be with her for the rest of my life
I would fight for her and never care if I win or lose
I love her and nothing will change my mind
adel Pacheco Jun 2014
Its a green plant that says oy kills
But everyone tried and everyone feels light
She's going through a tough fight
She helps you when u have a chance to die
It's not jack but she's Jane
She's loves mars and there she'll stay and move to other planets
Yet she helps on earth.
Why dose she get people in jail
No one knows ... Sadly
She is green and her name is Mary Jane
And she's here to bring the world together
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