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The Silence
Their Thoughts, My Words    Moving at constant velocity in a fast pace world.
18    Im a person who dwells on the past and fears the future
a t l a s
Another Universe   
Just Rachel
38/F/U.S.A.    Ok,so I used to write when I was a kid....then I stopped ... However,I just started up again recently.Yes,it's my better escape.I'm your typical pisces..sensitive,likes ...
Roman Four
19/Non-binary    Another speck of dust, on a whirlwind ride through space. Careening wildly closer to a black hole.
Teenage Mess
I see every single fault when I look in the mirror
Amethyst Fyre
Earth    It's an adventure. I'm chasing sunlight and fighting dragons in my mind. Want to join me?
i shouldn't be here.
zeph the deer boi
nyc <3    i walk this empty street of the boulevard of broken memes. "say there's a school that self-destructed not because society didn't care, But because that ...

— The End —