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bella 21h
i'm sorry.

i'm sorry mum for
the late nights and broken hearts,
the bruises and the thongs you don't remember buying.

i'm sorry dad for
the screaming fights and slammed doors,
the eye rolls and the endless amounts of boy tears.

you guys deserve better.
but i thank you for not giving up on me.
i make mistakes so i want to thank my parents for always being there even when i'm being a *****
bella 3d
what is it called when an apology
is made
but the mistake being apologised for
keeps occurring?

it's called filth.
and you're covered in it.
take a shower
bella 3d
my words mean nothing to you,
do they?
all you want are the raw images of
lacy curves and hairless thighs,
the sound of my breathing and the way
my name sounds so good rolling off
your tongue.
it's as if when i say "hello"
all you hear is "ready, set, go"
my words mean nothing to you,
do they?
you don't love me. you never did and you never will.
bella Apr 7
my father tells me stories from times ago.
the words that flow off his tongue sound like a song full of memories that i didn’t experience, but they imbed themselves
in my blood.
sometimes i can hear the stars whisper his name as we sit outside the tent and talk about nothing.
they praise his existence.
he is my warrior
(read mum)
bella Apr 7
you will never forget me,
i’m the one who’s name will stain your lips and
the memory of me is as
vivid as neon lights
my touch will give you goose bumps when i’m gone and
the sound of my voice will ring like bells everywhere you go.
you can’t forget me.
Say my name. Let it cut the air into diamonds.
bella Apr 4
I'm addicted to you.

I'm addicted to the way
your eyes ****** mine every time
you catch them in your stare.

I fervour the smirk
you give me when you know
you're being brazen.

I long for the feeling
of the warmth your body permits and
the way it begs me to sigh when you're near.

I thirst for the music
your name composes as it
lapsus linguae

You are completely wrong for me,
but you are what I crave and
I am always
it's like a silent itch. the kind that is nothing and something at the same time.
bella Mar 17
You will never understand how much you mean to me because it isn't possible for me to describe when the adjectives don't exist yet.
For the time being however, I will show you rather then tell you.
I will turn your head towards me so you can see the entire universe in my eyes. I will speak in a way so that you can hear the word "love" in all 6,500 languages. I will touch the skin upon your palm so it's as if you're holding the earth at your fingertips. I will kiss you until you taste nothing but passion and I will show you what it feels like to be wanted. I promise. You deserve to feel wanted. And so I will want you.

— The End —