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Adam Jones Jan 2015
The surface a porcelain pond hold my milky reflection
Lips like lavender clouds smeared across the sky
Put the Angels of heaven to shame
Seraph my love, with the glow of fresh fallen snow
Shadows section her face like statue of gold
Sun kissed brass speckles twinkle with the grass
Wondered of words and soul
Will you be my precious flower
Golden glow oh behold the moon beneath the stars
I see you like ice crystal carved
Diamondesque ripe like a summer peach
Flow like cool winds on springtime leafs
You drip and roll like cursive ink
You whisper like tortured silence
Whither alone like an orchid
Oh hooded widow don't hide your precious face
Adam Jones Jan 2015
Capped at the knees again,
Just another year flying with its scythe,
Cut back down with my feet rooting in cold soil,
Continue the rebuild for lifes reap,
Waiting for the clasp of hopeless farmers hand,
I know why with all the analytical purpose,
To serve life chain propaganda,
Evolutionary biome's scandal,
Breaking free from the loop you have set on full speed,
Watching the track play out,
Another record hollowed out,
High on the repetitive sound,
Loud it rings around space,
Lacing milky ways courted silence,
Rays transfer and escalate along empty darkness,
Light reflected gas,
Champagne bubbled star sky,
Here I lie severed before decay curls,
Wrapping a broken brain
Adam Jones Jan 2015
Cast a shadow on the wall
I'll sleep in the cracked brick stones
My flame is flickering dim light
Lit dim by a steamy fire side
The coal and the brimstone burn
Patchwork fingers stitch the last threads in the wool
Wonder years flutter by like a butterfly
My breath rests asleep on the wind
Stamp the ashes the embers wither away
Flowers bloom in spring fast fading to decay
Meaning is lost in a void of complexion
Whisp a of a whispering silence
Soft footsteps barely blanket the snow
The previous innocents o vanquished woe
Adam Jones Jan 2015
Skin crafted porcelain
Fitts an alabaster face
Diamond stars of rufescent glow
Floating weightlessly in space
She's the sweetest honey swirl
The youngest cusp of a beautiful girl
Hold the weight of my empty world
My blood is heavy as an ocean
Adam Jones Jan 2015
Warm feelings and cool light
Reverberating like a humming low
Cover the ground in ash and snow
Actions taken through courses of lies
Deception is perception
I stand in a castle of string ties
Cast aside shadowed stones for eyes
Is the datkness only in your mind
Adam Jones Jan 2015
Look through a foggy mist
Behold a shadowy form
Remove your hands
the being is torn
life forged ashes to dust
Small the vastness of it all
Entropy is the only relevancy
Irrelevancies controlling secretly
Convoluted pirouettes, I trip on my own tongue
Footsteps churning like gears in a
Oh the many angles in which to be seen
Iridescence, my face a birds wing
Flutter through the clusters
Hear the saraph as she sings
Adam Jones Jan 2015
As it was, it was only a thin paper wall
Culminating a firey froth
Warm pulp leaks past the surface
Pooling in my hand
Rufescent embers crackling
Powder soft like sunny wind
Soon I will be the bitter breeze
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