Ada Harris Mar 22
Stale air takes the stage in this office,
With the dust of many conversations held.
Many come in  broken down and disheveled.
These exchanges primarily hold premise about getting away from,
the void that they have carried for far too long.
It has left pieces of them scattered, for others to collect.
In time these souls learn to put themselves back together in hopes
That they might not break again and in the process heal inside.
An lifelong battle but a worthy one.
Just a reflection in the profession that I am in and the desire to help individuals.
Ada Harris Jan 30
I stand along the brick wall, eyes closed, feeling the sun and the cool breeze against my cheeks and think of how sweet and grateful I am for this life.
In such a short instance, time has stopped for me to appreciate it.
I couldn't help but write about how beautiful it was having stepped outside and away from work. Feel free to contribute to this write, love hearing from others perspectives on little moments that capture us!
Ada Harris Dec 2017
This winter wonderland puts me in a trance;
Imagining a life not yet lived; a little glance.
But slumber keeps calling my name.
Snowflakes kiss the air, and glitters all around.
But slumber keeps calling my name.
Seeking the comfort of all things warm; you will find me under blankets and with coffee for days...
But slumber keeps calling my name.
And soaking in the moments I have with those, whom I adore,
I look to brush time away once more,
But slumber keeps calling my name.
As the evening creeps in,
I am pensive as the bustle slows down, and the silence inhabits the cold,
Slumber inhabits me too...
fun with chant, a work in progress..
Ada Harris Oct 2017
Do they get neatly tucked away in pockets, where it will never be retrieved,
or things left unsaid only to dissipate in our minds.
Where do the years go?
Are they memories stored of children playing and watching them grow or of all the love that has crossed our paths?
Is it music and dancing , when time seems to stand still?

We will probably never know..
Just something that came to mind to me today, I've been pensive lately. Feel free to add to the journey of this poem ;)
Ada Harris Sep 2017
On the news,
in the papers,
lack of goodwill,
no real charity,
real world problems smudged
with distraction.
Will it ever change?
I have refrained from watching the news, and reading articles that seem much too negative for my taste, and ignoring the real issues at hand. Instead I try to keep busy, doing good in this world, even if just a little change I bring.
Ada Harris Sep 2017
I miss the clarity of my mind I had when I was a child..fog now inhabits..
Maybe you guys can relate. Somehow I feel like there was a freshness in our minds as children that seems to fade as time passes...
Ada Harris Aug 2017
I wish I could tell you that sometimes I'm terrified of life.
The negativity seems to scathe my soul,but yet somehow, I seem to push past the fear and get on with my day.
Fragile like porcelain doll, how did I get this way?
Optimistic at my best, I say to myself, that this too shall pass.
I wish I could tell you that it will be okay, because you might need to hear that too.
I'm fearless for others but not for myself.
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