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4.6k · Sep 2016
Foolish Little Fox
AD Snail Sep 2016
Foolish little fox,
You truly don't know anything,
Everyone is surprised that your still around.

Foolish little fox,
Stop your whining no one wishes to listen,
No one wants to listen to your pathetic screams,
Don't you see little fox, no one is coming for you?

Save your dying breath little fox,
Because no one wants to hear your voice again,
No one needs to be cursed with your worthless words.

Hush dear foolish little fox,
Your just a spirit of a foolish being,
That just couldn't betray themselves,
And prove others that your not a foolish one.
This Poem has a deeper meaning to it. For me anyways.
2.5k · Sep 2016
AD Snail Sep 2016
Sweet Hummingbird how you haunt my dreams;
That soon turn into nightmares.

Hummingbird sing me a song,
With bittersweet words that burn the very soul.
The humming is ringing inside of my brain,
My hummingbird please stop your hurting me, can't you see?

You keep on flapping your wings,
Making me scream and fall to my knees;
Wishing and begging you to stop those repeating sounds that echo through my mind.

My sweet hummingbird I do not mean to be rude;
But please just be silent forever.
1.9k · Sep 2016
A Million Lonely Stars
AD Snail Sep 2016
Your alone,
Though their are millions of stars in the midnight sky beside you,
So you shouldn't have this sinking feeling,
This feeling that makes your heart feel hollow but heavy at the same time.

There are a million stars in the sky,
But for some reason they all feel alone sometime in their life.
Your no different,
Your all alone in this dark sky and you can't find the other lights,
That you are blind to seeing in the darkest of times.

Those million of lonely stars,
Are bleeding out stardust as they fly across the sky,
Trying to find their way but their in a daze.
That's why their just zooming by and stopping to see the others that past them by.

Oh million little lonely stars,
I know you don't mean to.
I know you want to see those other guiding lights,
And wish you could wish on them to.

There goes another falling star,
Because it was not able to open its eyes in time to see,
The actually lit up sky.

But please don't judge them,
Because they are just a million lonely stars that need us people to help,
Help them see were all there friends have been hiding.
1.5k · Oct 2016
Heavy Iron Heart
AD Snail Oct 2016
Hear the drums that make up your iron heart,
Hear that thud and clang,
As someone pounds down on it;
Throwing it down on the unforgiving ground.

Listen for that musical beat,
That is slowly fading away.
How intriguing it is.

Only the angels that choose to hear,
Are the only one's that can hear that flawed beauty.
That make up your iron heart.
1.3k · Sep 2016
AD Snail Sep 2016
Let me pull you back into me arms,
Let me breath in your perfume;
I want to always remember your scent,
So I am able to last the day without you.

I know I seem so clinging,
But I simply can't live without you.

Your eye's and lips,
They have this softness that Hypnotizes me.
Your hair and skin is like silk,
I am allured by them;
Making me want to reason out and touch.

Your words they are like witchcraft,
The keep me on the edge and in a trance.

Oh my dear can't you see,
I am under your enchanting spell,
I shall always be Hypnotized by you and the way you are.
AD Snail Sep 2016
I tried to be someone splendid,
I tried to change every feature of myself.

Dear I tried so hard being something I wasn't;
Someone that you could fully love,
So you would never leave me.

My love,
Don't you see?
I wanted to be your everything.

I tried to be everything that you wanted,
I wanted to be the very best like no one else was.

I tried deleting all my flaws,
But they came back secretly in my sleep.

I did everything I could physically and mentally,
To make you happy.
I tried to be your everything,
What I fool I was.
886 · Oct 2016
Dear Mister Anxiety
AD Snail Oct 2016
Dear Mister Anxiety,
Can you please not nag me today?
Can you stop playing mind games with my already fragile mind?

Dear Mister Anxiety,
Oh how you make me petty and feel all lonely.

I don't want to think the world is always against me,
I just want to feel the love that is right in front of me,
But you don't seem to believe that it is true;
You state that its lies and push it away from my craving heart.

Oh, Mister Anxiety can you just let your worries go?

Can you finally lose your grip on me,
And stop thinking to deep into everything?

Oh I feel for you Mister Anxiety,
But I am tired can't you see?
Tired of you pulling me down into this pit of fear and worry.
827 · Sep 2016
An Incomplete Man
AD Snail Sep 2016
Counting off regret’s,
And crossing off dreams,
As I sit and rot away in this prison of the past.

Just a spec of light shines in through the bars,
As I keep myself hidden in the darkest corner of my cage.

A smile appears once and a while,
On my dull express less face,
And some day’s I’m too tired to try.

As I have isolated myself once again,
I feel incomplete but I will always feel this way,
Because even when I surround myself with good and bad people, I always still feel incomplete.

So I sit in my empty, hollow cell,
And wait for the day when I feel somewhat complete.
Reading all my poems on PoetFreak and finding the one's a kind of liked the best and the one's others liked a lot, so I shall never forget them.
739 · Oct 2016
Can No Longer Breath
AD Snail Oct 2016
My chest is heavy,
My heart is a racing a mile a minute.
I can no longer breath.

Everything is moving fast pass,
And I just want to freeze time.
I can no longer breath in fresh air.

I cannot survive,
Everything is to much,
I can no longer breath someone please save me.

Life has amazing things,
But the negative one's always came back to haunt me.
I can no longer breath but that is not what terrifies me.
720 · Apr 2017
AD Snail Apr 2017
Be silent, retrain yourself,
Never usher out a word,
Perhaps it would be best if you were mute?

You do not want a violet reaction.

Don't need to be vibrant,
So let's just be silent, as quiet as can be.
You don't need to be as loud as a lions roar,
Its best to stay silent and hide in the back.

I am trying to keeping everything shut,
I have no talent to show,
So I shall be silent.

Not shy, but not wishing to be rude,
But is having trouble speaking up and not clamming up.

Smile and never spit out any bile,
Everything must be kept hush, hush.
No one needs to hear pointless chatter.

Its for the best,
To be the best at being silent.
Having some troubles.
AD Snail Sep 2016
They say your a nuisance,
And you'll always be that stupid little kid.

They call you all those awful names,
Making you want to not feel anything;
Your wanting to be hollow forever.

Your heart is hollow but at the same time its heavy with dark thoughts and desires.

Your all alone,
Your mind a racing with those words of venomous hate,
Making you feel dead inside.

They insult you,
With those words like;

They keep repeating all those nasty things,
Making your mind a bit hazy with foggy thoughts of bitterness.
697 · Feb 2017
A Plan Not meant for Two
AD Snail Feb 2017
Let me hold my breath,
Before you throw me away and let go of my hand,
Let me have a chance to prepare myself for your upcoming plan.

I should of known, but how was I supposed to know,
That our hearts were worn out and the red string was fading away?

Your plan was your own,
It was no longer made for two.
But it's still hurt dear as the stone was thrown,
Flying into my window and shattering all my innocents.

I try so hard to hold onto the edge,
But the shards did their job and dug way to deep.

Maybe if this plan had a fairness apart of it for both parties,
Than perhaps I could be able to pull things together;
Stitch up my flesh wounds, that now have become something far worse.

My dear loved one, I know your no longer mine.
But that is not the thing that stings so much; its not the problem.
Its no longer the cause of my numbness.

I just wish you had given me some kind of warning,
Or at least told me about your plan, because I'll still mourning.

Your plan was not meant for two though,
So now I am left with nothing,
But all these shatter pieces of who we used to be,
Or rather who I used to be.
681 · Oct 2016
New Skin
AD Snail Oct 2016
This skin I wear,
Is all I have to care and though I wish to shed,
This old frame,
It is something I must bear.

The new me is frighting,
But the old me has bared to much hate.
And I tired of it all.

The skin I wear,
Its been shed so many times its to tiring to even count,
So I stop my pouts,
And I live with the skin I was given to bear.

The old me is fading,
But the new skin that I wear,
Is not fitting on properly.

The puzzle will never be finished or fixed,
So I stop my pouts and worrying doubts.
And live with the skin that I remade.
664 · Sep 2016
Miss Spring
AD Snail Sep 2016
Oh miss Spring,
With a Autumn breeze, that can make anyone dream.

Oh miss Spring, you enchant people,
Making them stop in place,
And start dreaming of a better place.

Oh miss Spring, there you are,
You have come back along,
To fill the world with life and dreams.

Look at the beauty that starts to shine,
Back into the world,
Miss spring you bring happiness and hope into the world.
654 · Dec 2016
Couldn't be Fulfilled
AD Snail Dec 2016
I promised to not drink it all away,
I stated I would never let these tears get to me,
But here I go again letting me emotions seep out of me.

Everything, everyone is getting the better of me,
I try my best not to weep in front of the world.
I am slowly losing my mind and battles.

I am at a loss for words,
But I never run out of tears.

I am going crazy in my own mind,
And no matter how hard I try;
No matter how many times I gulp down another drink,
I can't seem to win or get free from me.

My chest is heavy than light.
I seem to keep flying to high hitting the sun,
Burning myself and falling back down into the void I call my "home."

I'm taking another drink,
Gulping it all down as the tears stream down.
I keep on going till I go down and hit the ground,
Now everything is hazy and I feel light,
And I am free, just for a little bit.

I promised to stop,
I begged myself to,
But I realized I can't win or fulfill anything.
652 · Jan 2017
AD Snail Jan 2017
Slowly losing control,
Strings tugging away at my soul,
My mind is hazy.

These masks are my sanctuary,
Even though they make me feel like a liar.

I am no good at anything; useless.
So I put on a new mask everyday,
To cover up my mistakes from yesterday.  

Hold your breath,
Let your heart grow hazy and hollow,
Forget what your purpose is.

You are just another masked being,
Ready to dive in deep of your own mortality.
Losing your true identity to all of those masks.

Slowly losing control,
Letting everything go.
As you let yourself go, and the masks take control.
651 · Apr 2017
I'd Rather
AD Snail Apr 2017
I would rather be somewhere else,
Rather not feel so 'alive,'
I would rather curl up and die.

Sometimes I am afraid,
But most times I am just tired.

The world doesn't seem like my place,
I quite tired of this chase,
I no longer wish to find myself.

The body that I was placed in is now hollow.

I am shallow, after all I am a human being,
Not able to sympathies anymore can only play the role of 'me,'
No longer sweet, or the gently soul that everyone knows.

I wouldn't rather be a other,
I can never fix myself into this world,
So its best if I slowly lose myself and leave.

I'd rather fall into a deep sleep and continue dreaming.
AD Snail Sep 2016
The tears keep on dripping down,
As the words keep on repeating inside my mind,
And I am lost and ashamed.

My heart is heavy once again;
As I am reminding that I shall never be excepted for who I am.

I hear the words that people have said,
They haunt me every where I go;
While they tell me that what I am is not real.

So here I go again questioning everything,
While I hold my head down in despair.

Here I am staying silent and not speaking anymore about who I am,
Because I will never truly be excepted.
621 · Apr 2017
Dysfunctional Love
AD Snail Apr 2017
Quietly I'll let you go,
Slowly I will allow you to get over me,
Gently I shall inform you I was not the one.

Do not muse over me,
I do not wish to be a bitter taste left on your tongue;
That is why its best that we drift away from this broken love,
And slowly forget.

You do not need to call me anymore,
Its no longer your concern to take care of me.

We were not functional,
And this dysfunctional Love only leaves us emotional;
Leaving us naked on the floor for each others to see one another faults.

Neither of us are peacemakers,
And never bring any justice to our cases of broken promises and hearts,
Leaving smudges of ***** lies polluting our skin.

These is our dysfunctional love and we need to know when to let it go,
So as we drift away, remember when I said "Its for the best,"
Because that is the most truth that spilled out of my mouth since the beginning.
AD Snail Sep 2016
Depression eats at my heart,
And makes me feel hollow inside.

There is no hope my dears,
I can no longer see this light witch you speak of.

I'll let the darkness eat the very core of my soul.

I am covered in the very venom that took everything I believed in,
Bathing in it,
Drowning in it while I try to breath and keep my hope bright as the stars in the midnight sky.

These dark thoughts have taken my pride and honesty,
I am a liar and a coward now with a great sadness flowing over me.

Kiss me goodbye my dears because I am now one of depressions children.

Depression it has shut out the light,
Making me lose the battle I have fought for so long.
Oh, depression it does horrible things to thee.
607 · Feb 2017
Words Hurt
AD Snail Feb 2017
Every time a sentence is spoke,
It can never be taken back,
Its out now for the whole world to hear.

Once someone opens their mouth and lets words drip out,
Those words are imprinted onto the world,
And time cannot be re-winded.

"So speak wisely," Everyone says,
But no one can seem to follow this small simple rule.
Why is it so difficult to think before speak?

Arguments can leave scars,
Lies and rumors can hold such damage.

Words have an impact, but many seem to forget,
As the letters dance out of their mouths and into thin air,
Already turning into a wild tornado storm and destroying who every is in its way.

Words seep deep within ones skin, burring in deep,
And burning that victim, as tears soon slip out and begin to fall.

"Words hurt," They told me,
But I never knew that they would make a tare in one's heart,
Damaging for a long time, and placing it in deep into one's memory.

Words have affect, words do hurt,
And words have a lasting effect,
So choose carefully before you let out a sentence that is filled with hurt.
Words have a huge affect on someone, no matter if they are kind words or painfully, just remember that once those words are out you can never take them back, so please think before you speak.
603 · Sep 2016
I Loved
AD Snail Sep 2016
I put my heart on a line,
Just so you could ****** it away and shatter it.

I loved and lost.

I was never meant to be a knight in shining armor,
Even though I tried so hard to be strong for you.

I loved and lost.

I kissed your shoe and bowed down,
You were the heartless queen and I was the obedient fool.

I loved and lost.

I put everything I cared for on the line,
Just for you.
You took it and gave me false hope,
Now I am left with a shattered mind, soul and body.

I loved and lost.
590 · Sep 2016
Friend Please Never Go
AD Snail Sep 2016
Hold me tight and never let go,
Because once you do you shall lose me in the pitch black sea.

My dear friend understand this; I am not perfect.
And I know your not either; that's why I keep on forgiving you.

Friend stay beside me on the coldest of nights,
Because I have gotten lost before.
Confused I am when I am by myself,
And I shall never get any better so please don't get upset just come and stay the night.

I don't ask for much,
All I ask is for a little bit of love and friendship to warm my hollow inside.

My heart was never my own so I gave the pieces away to my friends,
So please never drop me.
588 · Sep 2016
A Foolish Fool
AD Snail Sep 2016
I shall always be a foolish fool,
That gives her heart away for free.

I'll just shatter my heart,
I'll throw it down on the ground just to shatter it,
I'll do all this so I can put all my trust in all these random people with the shards.

I never think twice,
Always allowing all these people to take advantage of me,
All this strangers that clearly feel nothing for me.
So I have to go on adventures to find the shards that they all left behind,
For me to find on my own,
All over the world.

I am truly a foolish being,
I'll take in even the worst of people,
I allow them to leave all this bruises on my skin and mind.

A foolish fool I am,
To allow these thing to happen to me,
But sadly its me.
578 · Sep 2016
My Precious One
AD Snail Sep 2016
My emotions turned into flames,
Rising into the bright blue sky every time you showed me affection.

My heart exploded when it got filled with to much love and wanting.

Every time you turned around;
Giving your hand to me when ever I fell.
Sometimes your fondness was to much,
And I felt I could never live up to it.

You seemed so devoted to me,
Then sadly I started to doubt my devotion to you,
Because I felt I could never give you as much as you gave me.

My precious one,
How you hold me so dear to your heart,
Making me feel I never want to be apart.
541 · Sep 2016
When The Clouds Turn Blue
AD Snail Sep 2016
The sun has gone away now,
It’s gone and hidden itself behind the clouds.

The clouds have turned to a dark grey,
And rain starts to build inside of it.

The once little white clouds,
They are feeling a little blue,
And need to shed some tears to lighten their mood.

So there tears start to fall down on the world,
No light can be found because the little clouds are to blue.

Sometimes there tears come pounding down on the world,
And sometimes there tears gently hit the world.

The clouds are weeping because there filled with sorrow,
And the blue’s, so don’t get frustrated when rain comes;
Because that is when the clouds are having a bad day,
So tell those little gray clouds “It’s going to be okay”.
540 · Nov 2016
Sewn Into The Silence
AD Snail Nov 2016
The silence has eaten away at me.
Everything is numb now,
My voice is no longer my shield or weapon.
I can't protect myself from this chill,
That consumes my body.

I am filled up with emptiness,
Putting on a hollow smile.

Its has become tiresome,
To keep playing this day to day game,
And keep up this mask from fallen down and showing even just a sliver of my true self.

My mouth is sew together,
Its not that I refuse to speak its just because I can't.
535 · Jan 2018
New Years New Fears
AD Snail Jan 2018
Another year has left and gone,
Fear has now consumed my soul,
Unable to take back all the foregone.

They promised me my life wasn't a pawn,
But I don't think I can keep leading myself on.

I try not to worrying over all the issues and unknowns.

As the clock turns twelve, my heart skips a beat,
Fear is clenching it; trying to bring it into a waltz.
My thoughts screaming out to me,
'Don't allow it to sweep you away!'

As everyone is consumed with joy, making new years resolutions;
I am consumed by anxiety, paranoia sweeping me off my feet,
Singing to me all the things to panic about.

As everyone shall party, and stay awake,
I shall go to bed, trying to sleep and keep all the thoughts at bay.
503 · Oct 2016
"The Superior One"
AD Snail Oct 2016
You can hear the children secret cries.
You know what the adults have done,
But you don't utter a word.

The children have no clue why they run,
They just know never to disobey,
"The superior one."

They silence their words,
Allowing themselves to leave them in their throat.
While they choke on the wild thoughts,
As words are throw like daggers at them.

The superior ones,
That's what they call themselves,
But the children see them more as the monsters under their beds.

They children don't understand,
They just want to make the cruel monsters proud,
But their trying just gets throw back at them,
With insults as the bonus.

The children never utter words,
As mentally bruises are put upon their innocent minds.

They stay silent as they get bullied away by the superior ones.
Sometimes we have wonderful teachers, and sometimes we don't.
AD Snail Apr 2017
Pounding onto the drums,
Acting dumb for the crowd,
Asking to be a little less proud,
And understand that we're all ****.

Hatred consumes us all, it comes so easily; its almost a gene of its own.

Painful truths and lies shoot us all down,
Everyone is bleeding out and trying to breath,
Everyone is falling from highs and trying to catch the prize.

The skies are covered in dim lights,
Telling the stories of those who lost hope in their dreams.

Everyone is being run down,
The guns are useful tools to pierce a person,
Words impeded in them, and once it hits you there is no turning back;
Your permanently damaged mentally and physically.

The painful truth about us; the 'Human race',
Is that we are all are the monster under neath the bed,
The skeletons inside our closets,
Ready to hunt us down and consume everyone is sight.

We are own parasites,
Every judging thought that turns into a spoke word,
Has already infected someone, and grown,
The rippling effect already taken place.

We are the demons that steal away another's child,
Damaging beyond repair,
Polluting their minds with pure hatred.

We destroy own another, our own loved ones, and random strangers,
That is the little bit of painful truth.
Not really sure what this is.
493 · Sep 2016
AD Snail Sep 2016
Oh sister, Oh sister,
Tell me that the world isn't so cruel.
Hold me tight and let us fly away from this hateful world.

Oh sweet brother,
Let your older sibling just hold you in this miserable time.
Let me tell you my story with tears streaming down.

Oh cold world, Oh old world,
Can you find a place for me where I won't be shunned with words?
Tell me that you can become a new for people like I,
Just long enough for me not to feel so alone and hated?

Oh my sweet loved ones,
I am holding on by the tips of my fingers.
I am still going to beside you even if I shall never be truly happy.
490 · Sep 2016
Sing Me Something Sweet
AD Snail Sep 2016
Sing me something sweet,
My dear.

Allowing me to be taken away amongst your words,
Let them repeat.

Sing me something divine,
Almost like a nice glass of wine;
Make me feel rich and old.

My love, allow your song,
To wrap around my body like a blanket of warm and protection,
As you sing to me something sweet like a master piece.

I shall be taken away into a place of dreams,
But until I do keep singing me something sweet.
489 · Apr 2016
I hate mirrors
AD Snail Apr 2016
I hate mirrors
I dislike them so much

I can’t look at a mirror
Without feeling

I can’t look at the mirror for too long
Or I’ll start to cry

I wish I didn’t have to look at a mirror
To see the one…
I have never hated myself
Till I looked at myself in a mirror

When I was 7
The mirror
Was my nightmare
My bully
Pointed out
Everything that was wrong with me

I wish I could smash and break
The mirrors I have to look at
But I won’t because
I don’t want to get in trouble and hurt myself from the broken glass

So I guess
I’ll have to deal with them
I’ll just have to try and stay away from them

I really hate mirrors
I dislike them very much.
483 · Nov 2016
Death's Tight Rope
AD Snail Nov 2016
Dancing on a thin line trying to have a good time,
Swaying and weighing, taken my chances.
Hoping and praying won’t safe me from defeat,
To the plummeting death that is waiting on my every single breath,
Its waiting patiently, ready for me to fall into the hole of my own demise.
Its listening in on my every though, my memories are flashing by.
I am hoping for a better time,
My hope for another sweet rhythm to save me from this cold hand that is touching me,
Trying to pull me down into the pit of darkness,
With all of my monsters that used to live under my bed,
But are now alive.
This hope won’t save me; I need someone to save me,
But there is no one on this tight rope of death with me,
Well as far as my eye can see.
We all are fighting against challenges, that sometimes become to much for us and when we are dancing upon that tight rope made up of fear. But what we can't see is that there are many upon the rope along side us and are fighting the same fight, and we all can win if we reach out for help and help one another out.
482 · Sep 2016
Magnificent Freedom
AD Snail Sep 2016
I am a butterfly that got its wings clipped long ago;
It can no longer fly high.

Freedom is now just a dream,
So keep on dancing on your hopes.

Ink is writing upon my body,
Repeating my wishes of the free I want to live,
The place I wish to be in and have true freedom.

Trying to spread these clipped wings,
Hoping that I can fly away one day,
And finally be free.

Magnificent freedom where could you be?
I am all alone in this dark hole of a cage,
Never to be able to fully breath and speak about these dreams.

Magnificent freedom oh where could you be?
Don't you see I am desiring for you to set me free.
482 · Apr 2018
AD Snail Apr 2018
A brush of gentle lips,
A small innocent caress.
That gave her butterflies,
And heart beat shore with affection.

Eyes connect, caught like deer's in headlights.

A brush of torn lips,
A small innocent caress.
That gave me a stomach ache,
And heart beat dropped with dread.

Eyes fluttered closed, belief in it being a dream.

Entranced in a dance,
She is swept off her feet.
Time seeming to stop,
Mind made up that she is madly in love.

Hands creeping subconsciously to wrap around.

Enchanted in a pull of a dance,
Feet are heavy like there chained.
Time seeming to stop,
Mind finally catching up with the facts.

Tangled into the game of bittersweet love.

She has so much love,
She wishes to give it all to you.
Her eyes gleam with pure bliss,
Deeply drowned in maddened love.

That sadly has only one person wanting to play.

I am incapable to love,
I wished to return but I had none to give her.
My eyes gleam with glaze,
Deeply drowned in sorrow and regret.
Incapable to return the love that you oh so gifted upon me. For that I must apologies, I am incapable to love you my dear.
AD Snail Jun 2017
I feel the claws digging,
I know that its trying to claw away at the skin;
That locks it all away,
What is it trying to get at, I will never know.

I feel the inside of my chest wanting to ripped apart,
I can feel the aching numbness in the pit of my heart swell.

Something wants to be set free from within my fragile frame.

I wish for this feeling to be no more,
I do not want to cave into the craving,
I cannot destroy my appearance of "Normal, or "Just fine,"
I cannot be "Strange," my mother said.

So smile and laugh even if it hurts to move,
The stitching will soon heal all wounds.
It was your fault anyways, for giving in.

I cannot try to claw away at the feelings deep within me,
It is unnatural to react upon these things,
"You must not be so strange,"
Mama will say.

The unknown feelings will soon turn into aching feeling,
Its likes a scratch that you must never scratch at,
Because people have told you that it will just make it worse.

So these feelings deep within in my chest,
I must ignore, I must be actually how society wishes me to be,
"Perfectly fine."
460 · Dec 2017
AD Snail Dec 2017
On this day I shall be vibrate.
Shining bright and uncaring;
Not minding ones hateful words.

I shall be strong and independent.

I'll talk a little too loud,
And act slightly more proud.

I will be happy and pleased today.

Then tomorrow will come,
And that day will become today;
But on that day I shall be grime.

Unable to stand the slightest of sound,
Startled and afraid, sick of being drained.

I will not be able to handle the day,
And all the things that await,
So I shall stay in bed and cry my life away.

To concerned now of the hateful talk,
Unable but wishing to change everything;
Every single little detail of me.

This today, is to loud,
But now its all in my head;
Where the monsters await for my dread.

Today, will always change,
But I will still be here for the next.
AD Snail Sep 2016
I can’t hang on,
I am my own demise,
I have fun with making a wreck out of myself.

I cannot stop myself from making a bunch of mistakes,
I try to fix everything by myself, only to have it blown up in my face.

I’m fighting a battle that I started,
I made without clearly thinking about the consequences,
I’m ****** because I wish to bleed and suffer.

I can no longer hang on,
The lies and the truth are now both the same,
I am no longer able to stand on my own,
So now I let myself fall freely down to my own demise.
When you have been in a dark place in your life.
456 · Sep 2016
Painful Betrayal...
AD Snail Sep 2016
Hands smashing against the cement,
Tears flowing down wildly, hitting the ground with a splash,
Head is pounding, screaming out for help.

His hands start to bleed,
And his mind is screaming out; begging him to stop,
But he keeps on smashing his hands down on the cement.

Tears of betrayal making their way down his cheeks,
His fists clenched and his heart starts to hurt,
The pain from his fists is gone; it’s only numb now,
It will never beat the pain in his heart.

The rage flows deep in his veins,
It is shown in his eyes, burning bright as the tears fall.

His rage was born on the day he was left by the people he thought cared about him,
He was betrayed; now his heart is filled with rage, hate, pain, depression, and betrayal.
AD Snail Sep 2016
Fading in the background,
Is just background noise; that no one pays attention to.

Doesn’t say a word when someone forgets,
Just lets it happen, just lets them go.
Is dead silent now, stops trying to call out,
Stops trying to fit in, now silence takes over.

A smile appears on the others face,
As they let go of the hand of the person that stay’s silent,
And grasps another, with a smile on her face she walks away.

The silent one that is always let behind,
Does not reach out, doesn’t try and get her back,
No fretting no crying, just a gently nod of “I understand”.
444 · Sep 2016
AD Snail Sep 2016
These ***** walls filled with scarred stars,
And broken dreams.
Acid is dripping down from the ceilings,
Keeping one on their toes;
So stay alert dear or you shall perish.
The cracks allow the acid to stream quicker,
So you better hope and run.
This home is filled with acid things,
So you'll never be able to feel free,
Stay caged away forever.
440 · Apr 2016
Where are you confidence?
AD Snail Apr 2016
Do you know where my confidence went?
I’ve been looking for it for a long time,
And when I almost find it,
It disappears in my grasp,
And hides once more.

The last time I had my confidence,
Was so long ago
I have lost it because of a person.
That person didn’t think,
She didn’t think,
That what she said and did
Hadn’t have huge impact on my life
But the truth is it did.

Where did my confidence go?
Someone, please tell me
I don’t know where my confidence has went.
A old poem, I apologize if it isn't that good.
434 · Feb 2018
Mr. Cloud Nine
AD Snail Feb 2018
Drowning in a muddy mind,
So high in the sky;
That I could feel the clouds.

Spinning around,
Feeling like I could take on the world.
Grinning like a mad dog,
Will I inject another shot of Mr. Cloud Nine.

He takes my hand and spins me around,
We're moving to the beat, doing the tango.

He promise sweet nothings,
Makes me feel a sense of alive,
I feel so empowered with him by my side.

He offers me his cigar,
I take it knowing I'm already too far gone,
Mr. Cloud Nine is my sweetheart,
He promises to never let me go.
432 · Jan 2017
Little Boy
AD Snail Jan 2017
Little boy were did your wings go,
Why aren't flying so high?
Are you frightened of flight,
Or the thought of heights?
But you don't mind the thought of being high.

You can't seem to see the light,
As you take another bite on your dreams tonight.
Though watch out for those lights and sirens tonight,
That surround your home now.

Might you be called a scaredy-cat,
By all the children next-store if you told them that?

Little boy are you frightened of the world around you,
Is that why you look so pale tonight?
Don't you worry now I'll be the one to bail you out of jail.

Your mind is so frail, I am afraid.
You have taken one more step but it hasn't brought you any closer to your goal of yet.

But even if the world turns a cold shoulder on you,
I will still be right beside you.
Holding onto you as we face the hardships,
Let us march forward and face the hardness of those lashing words.

Little boy you don't have to take another sip of misery,
Or take another dose of cloud nine.

Let's stop you from trying to make your mind hazy,
Let pull you back down on the ground out from the fog.
I know it was your own twisted salvation,
But don't you see it unhealthy?

Little boy why do you run from the sirens?
Can't you see there just coming to straighten you out,
And help you realize your mistake, not punish you.

You aren't afraid of what happens next,
I can see it in your eyes that you don't mind,
But oh my friend you should.

Little boy are you sick of being belittled,
Is this why your high; beyond the sky?

You have reach you limit,
And had jumped right in it.
Not worrying about the consequences,
Because your all tired and worn out.

Poor little boy you have finally lost yourself,
Tossing the brain cells you had gladly away.
Did you do it because you were sick of all those depressing thoughts?

Little boy look there you go finally as high as a kite,
But falling so quickly downwards to the unforgiving ground.
There goes your last breath.

By, AD Fox Spirit.
*Warning before reading*
These talks about the use of drugs and thoughts of suicide.
If you are uncomfortable with these topics, etc.
Please do not read!


Also deeply apologizes for making it so long.
424 · Dec 2016
Words Hurt
AD Snail Dec 2016
Venomous words burn my skin,
Crawling into my mind, seeping into my soul and heart,
My desires and hopes no longer seem meaniful.
I’m tearing up but I am wearing a mask;
Never allowing others to see them fall down my pale skin,
I refuse to be seen as “weak”.

These names have made their way into my memories,
Never allowing any silence to be heard.

These silence screams will never be heard in the dead of night,
As a crawl in my own skin and beg to be someone else.

Fear has a grip on me,
Those nightmarish words that people speak have made a nest inside of my hollow body,
Feasting away at my innocence’s and emotions.
423 · Jan 2017
Maddened Laughter
AD Snail Jan 2017
My laughter bounced off the walls,
To thick but to thin at the same time,
Allowing my laughter to be heard at times.

The laughter resides in my heart,
Making everything seem ‘normal’,
Though I do not know if these broken pieces on the floor are ‘normal.’

Everything is spinning; as I dance around and down these empty halls,
With madness running threw my veins,
Everything seems to be hollow even this laughter.

I can’t seem to find my mouth able to form words,
My throat can only allow this laughter float up and out.

These walls have been through thick and thin,
And I am quite surprised they haven’t tumbled down of yet,
Because clearly those cracks are quite scarring and would shatter any perfection;
Wounds and bruises are painted on the walls but they still stand.

I slam myself against the walls,
Wishing to scream out in agony and pure hatred,
But all that bubbles out is this maddened laughter.

Revenge, oh how sweet it sounds,
Even though it is the thing that is tarring me apart, making it into something bittersweet instead.

This thirst is much worse then this cursed sound,
It’s the worst, making me go into a wild outburst.

Laughter after laughter, nothing else,
Not even a single breath of utter displeasure,
Witch I clearly feel building up within my heart.

These walls should have ears,
After all the entire entity should shake in fear,
Every time they hear the madden laughter reopen within my heavy chest,
And flutter out of my numb lips.
421 · Mar 2017
Numb Boy
AD Snail Mar 2017
My body is pale and chilled to the bone,
Everything I once was is long gone,
The light in my eyes have dulled slowly.

I no longer feel like the lively boy I once was,
Expressions of emotions seem so foreign.

Everything feels so hopeless,
I am unable to feel anything,
I am to far gone, to hollow inside to care.

I am a **** living inside the little boy they all once knew,
A criminal taking away all the things that allowed me to feel,
Now only the feeling of numb runs through my veins.

This is the outcome; all I have done to get better has just left me numb.

I can hear the drums still,
Understanding when to react and play the 'act',
Another day starting but I don't even notice.

I wonder sometimes if I'll every get better,
Maybe then everyone will return back to me?
But I silence those thoughts, and just through my sweater back on,
Its knitted with all the emotions I once was able to freely feel.

All there is left is this numb little boy,
In replace of the once brightest little star that was filled with such innocents.
419 · Sep 2016
AD Snail Sep 2016
The mind,
Is a clouded thing,
With to much happening.

One stops to take a break,
Then smoke rolls in and takes control.

Tired souls;
Now are full of energy and seem a knew,
They are no longer recognized by their loved ones.

Lost in a smoke filled mind.

There is no longer a clear mind,
Brilliant and once bright with health.

But now there is only smoke,
And the sound of a up coming beep.
409 · Jan 2018
Kiss it Better
AD Snail Jan 2018
Promise to kiss it all better,
Make all the boo-boo's stop aching,
Allowing me forget about the pain.

Kiss the pain that is caged in my heart,
Tell it to leave me alone,
And seal the spell with a kiss.

You promised me that it will be all better,
So allowed you to heal my wounds with a kiss.

A shame though that its not real magic;
It will never heal the broken pieces of my heart,
It simply makes my heart ache even more,
And I am left with craving for more.

Kiss it better dear, I trust you with my life.
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