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  Jul 2014 acuriousbear
Amitav Radiance
Love is a communication between two hearts
Silence, is the toughest riddle
  Jul 2014 acuriousbear
Amitav Radiance
Simple things in Life seems complicated
Brains busy mapping the branching logic
Trying out every possible options
Getting lost in the labyrinth of paths
Losing out on the options given by Life
  Jul 2014 acuriousbear
Amitav Radiance
In sea of contradictions you have to swim across with your convictions
acuriousbear Jul 2014
I cannot love you with a love
that out compares the boundless sea,
for that were false, as no such love
and no such ocean can we be..

But I can love you with a love
as finite as the wave that dies
and dying holds from west to east
the blue of everlasting skies..

-- anonymous --
I saw this poem way back in my high school days written in my arm chair...
To whom who wrote this poem, hope you wouldn't mind me posting it here.. I just want to share it to everyone.. thank you.. ^^

- acuriousbear -
  Jul 2014 acuriousbear
we're so used by being used
how long do we need to bleed
it's just happening all over and over
we always come back to this
like we never learned a thing
I know you know how this feels
played by somebody's hands
tortured by their schemes and playtimes
  Jul 2014 acuriousbear
Ann M Johnson
I tried to start my day without coffee
It was harder than it first seemed
My get up and go left me in the dust
I had a caffeine withdrawal headache so bad I felt I might scream
I seemed to move slow like a scene of the zombies from The Walking Dead
I thought I should not  have gotten out of bed
I realize that this is nothing a few cups of coffee could not fix
I can hardly wait to drink that brew
I toast to all of you!
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