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Oct 2014 · 228
ketsia Oct 2014
one day we'll be
ourselves at best.
Oct 2014 · 196
utld. (iii)
ketsia Oct 2014
i'll be there for myself
where you couldn't be for me.
maybe you're right
maybe this is all that i can be
but what if it's you
and it wasn't me?
Oct 2014 · 583
ketsia Oct 2014
you didn't even love me
you loved the thought
of having somebody.
utld : untitled.
Oct 2014 · 352
ketsia Oct 2014
i was yours

not your friend with benefits
not your girlfriend
not your wife

i was simply
I was Yours with a capital Y.
Sep 2014 · 835
ketsia Sep 2014
maybe we're satellites
maybe we're friends
maybe we're more

maybe we are the lucky ones
maybe we're soulmates
maybe we're not meant to be

maybe we're meant to meet the wrong people

maybe we're all just cabinets of wonder.
maybe, just maybe.
Jun 2014 · 459
blue eyes
ketsia Jun 2014
you were so beautiful
but you seemed oblivious
towards your own beauty.
i fall in love with strangers often.

[i haven't wrote here in a while, sorry.]
Jun 2014 · 253
i'd rather talk to the moon
ketsia Jun 2014
it's been a while, i got used to it
but if you want to leave me
don't even talk to me
because it still hurts
like the first time.
May 2014 · 773
graciousness. vii.
ketsia May 2014
darkness is the only thing
that took my breath away
other than you.
May 2014 · 171
ketsia May 2014
i needed something
as deep as my thoughts.
May 2014 · 360
ketsia May 2014
i never wanted for you
to live on my expectations

i never wanted for you
to get hurt because of me

i never wanted for you
to be anything but yourself

you should know
that i fell for you
way before you could
hide the true you

you should know
i'll try to do as you wish
and find something better
that i supposedly deserve

but my mind and soul
became suprisingly
attached to you

now i wish
i'd move on
but i truly can't.
May 2014 · 279
ketsia May 2014
she taught me why hurricanes
were named after people.
an old poem i've found in my drafts.
May 2014 · 199
ketsia May 2014
i'd like to tell you
i truthfully feel bad

but i don't want
to bother you.

i'd like to stop pretending
but i don't want your pity.

i'd like to say
i don't care anymore

but i do.
May 2014 · 703
graciousness. v.
ketsia May 2014
i really wish
we wouldn't have
******* everything
since we can't
         make up our minds.
hopeless romantics
loving hopeless romantics
is quite problematic.
May 2014 · 266
je suis confuse.
ketsia May 2014
and i love you endlessly
i hope you love me too
hopefully but dear
                 times became tough


now tell me
which ones
should we act like?
i don't know about you
but i can't make it out
without calling you mine.
May 2014 · 165
ketsia May 2014
his voice
the only thing
capable of
breaking my heart
while mending it.
May 2014 · 503
graciousness. iii
ketsia May 2014
and as your eyes led on me
was all i could feel
       all i could ever ask for.
would you mind
keeping your gaze on me?
May 2014 · 283
ketsia May 2014
inside me died
as his pitch black eyes
pierced through me
like the feeling
of the silver blade

*"Darkness will consume you,
darkness you'll become."
May 2014 · 487
la distance.
ketsia May 2014
we're thousand miles away
it's getting harder to breathe
knowing i can't hold you right now

and to think
i am asleep
when you need me
the most

and to figure out
we are not
meant to be
or are we?

i hope so, love.
to my first love;
i still love her, no matter what.
May 2014 · 248
i like you.
ketsia May 2014
i feel less sad
when you're with me
May 2014 · 202
psychologie inversée
ketsia May 2014
truth be told
i don't want
anything to do
with you anymore.

truth be told
this was a lie
you know it
so why
don't you react?
don't you know
i got *******
to your heart?
May 2014 · 178
regrets [5w]
ketsia May 2014
we shouldn't fall for strangers
and once again, i realize that i've never really knew you.
May 2014 · 628
ketsia May 2014
you somehow
to destroy
May 2014 · 186
middle fingers
ketsia May 2014
was the only way
we've always responded
when they kept saying

we couldn't make it through

we were

when did we
lose our strentgh?
May 2014 · 141
ketsia May 2014
Tell me once again,
that you'll love me to the death
and should I die,
you swear that you will come for me.
As I fade away,
you reach out your hand.
You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds - Mayday Parade

[what a long title woah.]
ketsia May 2014
i'd like for you
to hear me out

but i'd like first
to find the words
to express those feelings
May 2014 · 166
fill it
ketsia May 2014
i have this hole
in my heart
it gets bigger
as people go
and come back
into my life

tell me you'll stay forever
even if it's too cliché
i truly want you to
fill my heart
the way you do.
May 2014 · 185
you make me feel gray
ketsia May 2014

an eternity could pass
your face in my head's still intact
May 2014 · 156
our mindless ways
ketsia May 2014
and every single time you'll say i love you
i'll keep playing those sick little games
where i act like i believe it
where you act like you mean it

let's stay obnoxious
just for another day
until you can't get
enough of me
like i can't
get enough
of you.
May 2014 · 6.5k
ketsia May 2014
i crave to scream
i want to cry
i need to laugh
i have to play pretend
i will just smile.
welcome to adolescence
this phase where you increase your acting skills.
May 2014 · 446
le garçon tornade.
ketsia May 2014
il y avait ce garçon
il était solitaire
comme ailleurs

chaque soir
il allait
à la mer

un jour
il plu tellement
il y eut une tornade

et il resta là
je lui ai demandé
pourquoi il ne retournait
pas chez lui

il me dit
"Cette tornade est
comme mon coeur."

j'ai compris.
French's a beutiful language.
May 2014 · 452
sad truth
ketsia May 2014
my mom saw
all the poems
i've wrote

she turned to me
and said
"We don't notice much,
but kids became broken toys."

i nodded
what a sad generation
i've ended up in
May 2014 · 255
ketsia May 2014
he told me
he's scared of

*do i scare him?
May 2014 · 520
ketsia May 2014
it's three in the morning
and i can't sleep
can you come over?

it's a night
as stormy
as my thoughts

you can't sleep either?
let's can't sleep together.
May 2014 · 151
to m.r.
ketsia May 2014
i figured out
you think it's better
for us to stay friends

after all this mess
after saying i deserve better

what would you do
if i told you
my definition of better is you?
May 2014 · 121
ketsia May 2014
and i'm just sitting here
staring at our old pictures
our old conversations

waiting for whatever
could bring you back to me

waiting for the pieces
to get back together

this is such a low state
to stay in

i'm so high
on sadness

i'm so high
on your memory.
mother warned me, "Don't let someone dictate your life."
ketsia May 2014
oh dear
what a funny feeling that is

i'd love to see you in pain
but it would be unbearable
to hurt you
the way you did hurt *me
May 2014 · 160
ketsia May 2014
i always wonder
how happy
you'd be
without me
in your life.
May 2014 · 190
ketsia May 2014
i can't be your friend
but maybe
i could play pretend

tell me what to say
tell me what to do
so i can stay near you.
i wish i could call you mine.
May 2014 · 820
i hate to admit
ketsia May 2014
i miss you
a lot more
than i thought
i would

a lot more
than i hate you

i hope you'll never know
that i regret letting you go
i'd rather let you swallow your pride.
May 2014 · 122
hollow memories
ketsia May 2014
you used to say
i am your only one

but that was before.
May 2014 · 133
ketsia May 2014
i love the way
my name sounds
when you call me

it feels infinite.
May 2014 · 167
the pain of the weakest
ketsia May 2014
i'd love to scream out for help
but my throat's hurting

i'd love to be mad at you
but i can't stop crying

i'd love to stand up against them
but i'm alone and lost

so now
it's up to you
to find me.
This is what i think when people ask,
"Why didn't you tell anyone?"
May 2014 · 232
il vient la nuit.
ketsia May 2014
it's dark
and out


something's near
smirking at me
in the corner

i wouldn't dare
calling out
for anyone
it's just it
and me

it has always been.
insomnia's not that funny.
May 2014 · 289
filthy words.
ketsia May 2014
why do you keep
telling me
what i already
about myself?
bullies are on repeat.
May 2014 · 181
ketsia May 2014
this feeling

to feel nothing at all.
May 2014 · 230
ketsia May 2014
i hope
she'll love you
the way i always did

i hope
she makes your heart beat faster
more than i ever could

i hope
you remember
how much i've loved you
when you're kissing her

i hope so, dear.
i really hope so.
May 2014 · 727
ketsia May 2014
he burried her sorrows deep beneath the ground
as she finally fell asleep within the sounds of his heartbeat.

"I'll protect you from what i've seen."

May 2014 · 412
ketsia May 2014

it fills her mind
it keeps her blind
from all the misery
and all the history


in her veins it runs
while are blasting drums
she drowned into her own distress
within picking back herself from tangles of mess

My first poem, tell me what you think? :)

— The End —