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Achilles Nov 20
I am a dancer. A pupil.
I am someone's child, someone's friend.
But who am I?
Who am I?
I am?
Achilles Aug 14
sometimes when i lie in bed
it's like i've been hit round the head.
I'll try and get up, just to find that i can't,
it's my daily dose of existential dread.
Achilles Aug 14
here by the forests do these mountains lay,
(a knot in my chest, tightening once more)
spilling the sunlight so it may split and fray.
(a knot in my chest, too tight to ignore)
Here by the river does a smaller brook wind,
(quickandsharpbreathin, breathoutquickandsharp)
like the little baby robin, still deaf and blind.
(plucking at my backbones like the strumming of a harp)
unable to shake that underlying sense of dread.
Achilles Jul 25
i can't see you today.
just because my mum feels ill.
she's wasn't even coming.

I know it's not her fault,
but it makes me angry all the same.
she keeps bringing it up.

"We'll see how she feels tomorrow," Dad told me
what if she feels worse?
what if we never leave.

If i had a religion,
i'd pray for her health.
I'm selfish.
god i feel so ****** rn
Achilles Jul 25

cracking my knuckles,
i just can't stop!
fun fact, the amount of 'crack' is the amount of joints i can pop. Well, not quite. but almost.
Achilles Jul 25
you know the phrase
"Like a breath of fresh air,"?
you're that.
To me, you are my childhood.
A reminder of a simpler time.
Achilles Jul 25
i just wanted you to hold me
and when you did,
i felt whole.
My feelings grew,
i grew obsessed.
You were my anchor,
i felt stable with you near.

Tomorrow, that's the day
I drive down
and finally
we can be close.
We can touch;
we can talk;
we can be comfortable in the gaps in between.

You are part of my life, to the point where
I find it hard to remember you
not being there.
Met when i was six, you were seven
(but only a few months older!!!)
been close ever since then
But, oh, my darling,
what if we were closer?

I want you to hold me
you make me feel whole again.
I want to make you feel
You make me believe in marriage,
and children,
and living past eighteen.
When i'm at my worst
you're my voice of reason,
saved my life at least once.
And i want to save yours.

do you need saving, my love?
Do you?
i'm not used to this.
and neither are you,
somehow makes this
bro, how do you poetry
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