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aceladka Jun 21
Still starving
Still writing
Still ******
Still ashamed
Still stupid,
and getting stupider.

Still alone.
aceladka Jun 6
Now you have some piece of me, I long
for a little love and understanding
We exchange our yeses
and steal a rabbit's pills

The past's medicine is either a hoax
Or only effective in utopia
So I search for today's belladonna

Ship of Theseus, this may be
My ***** mind and ill brain
An untouched flower, sick as she can be
aceladka May 29
Weird eye contact
High, I leap...
          Naive, I fell seduced

I was quiet,
Of uneven confidence
          You, of goals
          and fun on the side


Broken, I was
Broken, were you
          Mending, I am
          You mend better

Less to give
Much to take
Eager to please
          ... destined to lose

And so

We lead astray
and are genuine
and feel empty;
angry, even
          ... for loving

I am held,
and delusions follow
          Stained sheets
          and fights

Us. We get it.
We are jerks before we are romantics
          End of discussion?
I know and don't know.
aceladka May 24
Babe I seen here,
Buys moi a drink.
You see and I blush
At a gentle come on

Covered, I'm bare
Us apart, I'm felt inwardly.
Sensitive you there?
Lovebuds, all over me

Juices be yuck, then
Juices yummy
Better, emote me out
And emote in me

Minds'd be tantalized,
You'd overwhelm my senses
Me high, and me satisfied
Now playtime commences...
Written by a hopelessly romantic, moderately *****, gray-asexual demi-male

— The End —