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Jun 2020 · 1.9k
Tompson Jun 2020
Everybody always telling me
That I’m young
That I can do anything that  I want to
Should I be excited? Right?
But I can only think that I should die high

I’m so afraid of those feelings
Why I still killing me
Don’t leave me alone with me

If you stay by my side
I’ll break you so hard
So go away,
go away
I don’t wanna make you feel my pain

Don’t worry baby, I’ll be okay
Living with my fake face
My fake friends

I’ll be okay
Jun 2020 · 162
Tompson Jun 2020
I got the name of a machine gun
I'm the bad one of the family
I'm the one who do drugs for fun
I'm the one who likes to play with guns
I'm the one who's gonna die ******* young
I'm the one who's gonna make my family's name have blood

Such a shame
For a beautiful girl
With a beautiful name
Jun 2020 · 1.4k
Tompson Jun 2020
I told you all my pain
Made you bleed for me
I let you go with all my shame
I left you in tears
It meant nothing to me

Still, you made promises of love
Kind soul
You fell for the wrong girl
Wiping tears from your eyes
The last kiss of goodbye
Don’t you realize
I just wanted to see your heart broke
The same way they did with mine

Love has left me to die
Jun 2020 · 355
Tompson Jun 2020
We’re ****** in the chains of the past
Walking souls trying to find the way back
Stuck there
In this vivid dream
In this cycle of broken sins
The biblical story, can’t you not see  
Found peace among the ******
Among the ****
Words cocking up on the spoon
Thoughts breaking loose
The flames reminded me that I was just a kid
When you let him touch me
Inhale the smoke
Mainline it
to forget that your heart is broke
Once somebody told me
I’ll burn my veins
The words burn the pages
May 2020 · 1.0k
I did it again
Tompson May 2020
I'm the evil that walks with you
You don't deserve to be with me
My ****** up brain killed
what could be beautiful
Guilt is haunting my mind
And despite that
I can only hunt for your smell
In the memories
in the sweater you lent me
That cold night
If I only knew it was a goodbye
It was my fault, there’s no doubt
That night is gone now
All what I have is blood on my floor
New scars and a broken soul
You’re gone as well
With your heat
But your pain stayed
I won’t say sorry again
The sinners suffer for love today
May 2020 · 336
Tompson May 2020
I shall die in my bed
Knowing that I could be alive
If I only had the courage
To walk out the door
Without any regret
Apr 2020 · 330
Tompson Apr 2020
While soldiers hold their guns
Shooting people to survive

at the same time...

Kids hold their needles
Shooting up in the last vein they can find

Some pray to live
Others pray to die

Shots of death echoing
Through the night.

— The End —