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i'm still healing
from the bullets
of your past
day by day
tell me
how to
end these fantasies
and i'll happily
let you go
it's okay to hope for a chance
it's okay to crave for a time
but never let yourself
beg for someone
it's okay to loose people
but never dare to loose yourself
the only way i can catch my sleep
is to count the reasons why iloveyou
but until now, i'm still awake
oh i forgot to remind myself
that my love for you is always
Don't force someone to love you.
Love comes naturally
And the best kind of love comes
To those who patiently waits
Then if love ain't on your way
Be still patient
For it's not the best timing
But god's timing is always the
b e s t
         - god's love is on your way
let's own
this night
and let the stars
dance while we take
v o w s
you used to call me every night
just the two of us staring at the sky
wishing that we could be just like that
free to watch each other around

— The End —