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 Jul 2 Abraham
You ain't my blood,
but I have you in my veins.
You're not my cup,
but I drank the tea, anyway.
Is hard thing
To come by.
 Jul 2 Abraham
Alex Scaife
Under the cherry blossom tree
He sits, looking to the sunset.
A life of moon, snow, and dewdrops
Content, his life does melt. So it is...
Death poem
 Jul 2 Abraham
El dorado
 Jul 2 Abraham
In the silence of the cold night,
loneliness lurks.

I crave for your friendly touch.
I ***** for your warm embrace.
I long for a kiss of life.

Through the unsmiling darkness
And under the mourning stars in the gloomy sky;
I find my way to El Dorado.
 Jul 2 Abraham
 Jul 2 Abraham
the city was asleep
while i was awake
among myself but beside others

the milky moon watched
as i listened in
to the sound of a nearby open mic

i looked to the inky sky
only to find myself
feeling nothing but the absence of light

i felt myself waiting
and searching
for something seemingly impossible and inevitable

the streetlights blinded me
and i soaked
in my own exhaustion and loneliness fueled by the night
a cheesy poem i wrote over the summer and rediscovered
 Jul 2 Abraham
B E Ragland
The sound of me taking
drags off a cigarette
as all these mean dark clouds
roll roaring out all of your heads
is an award worthy soundtrack
all by itself.

and yes, I totally get why the skies look this way.

I just needed something to write about
and the climate seemed to have the
perfect amount of "meta" in it to...
 Jul 2 Abraham
B E Ragland
Through the narrow window
in my cell I see the
sunset shading everything,
from sky to soil,
the color of watered down
merlot soaking into fresh white linen
and I wonder how much
you've been laughing lately.
Travel is definitely in the air
Relaxation beyond compare
A world that a waits
Packing your bags is all it takes
It’s exploration on your reservation travel date
America and overseas is shouting your name
So again, pack your bags and relax in tame
Explore America and go travel to where history began
It doesn’t matter if its by car, flight or bus
Let travel be adventurous with no fuss
The addition is a plus
There are many destinations to look upon
Picture yourself in being among
But we only just begun
Imagine lying on a tropical beach
Just relax and no phones to reach
Drinking a tropical drink
Having no stress with no decisions in think
Just enjoy and sit back and wink
I don’t want to leave overseas travel out
I am moving along and you will see what I am talking about
How about exploration of Paris, London, Rome or Germany?
Let me say the destination you take hold
It’s all about you in being bold
Just let your mind wander in delight in a formation of behold
Delicious Food and Wine
Elegance while you dine
Don’t forget the souvenir
That will be your conversation to share
Perhaps a purchasing foreign fashion line clothes
Everyone will be asking where did you get those
Let it come from France or Italy
But it could be an outfit you never wore from your own closet
Eyes will admire as you walk down the street
But when you travel, you deserve it being a treat
So travelling be neat
Having a getaway that can’t be beat
You haven’t packed your bags yet?
It’s time to move and get
Don’t sit there thinking regret
All alone don’t fret
It’s all about travel to get
You just might meet someone along the way
Now travel should become ok
Travel, Travel, Travel
I cannot emphasize more
Now it is up to you to explore.
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