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Abraham Oct 2018
This town scares me
All the Power and the Glory
At seven-fourteen
Back and forth behind the door.

This town shows me
Irresistible pity and love
Ragged, conspicuous
Like black cockerels in flight.

Last night
You confessed your plans
I thought
"this might be fun to watch"
Yet I sat and shook like crockery in a hot yard.

“My darling”
Lets stay here
Among the Power and the Glory
Let it blind and teach us
As the sun does to a child.
Abraham Oct 2017
My baby left on a train
To another town,
And with her finger she wrote
"Maybe" on the glass
Then pulled the shutter down.

How long is a "Maybe"?
When will my baby
Be coming home?

My baby wrote only once
In sixteen years
It was the cruelest thing
You ever did see,
'Cos at the bottom of the page
She signed it with a -

My baby left on a train
To another town,

My baby left on a train
To another town.
(Fade out)
Abraham Oct 2017
On drifted summer
of blue green and red
the wind lapped my face
with the things that you said
I'll never be near you
or tell you how pretty
the color of summer
blue green and red.
  Oct 2017 Abraham
Grace Willow
I'm homesick for a home I've never been.
Yearning for a place that is found on no map.
Longing for the nonexistent.

- forever a traveller.
  Oct 2017 Abraham
Josiah Manzanares
Hello, my dearest friend
I just wanted you to know
That I never wanted to go

Do you remember when
I spoke Japanese to your mom and dad
How we talked and how we laughed
And we wrote a message on the writing pad?

Do you remember when
We tried to watch Pulp Fiction
When my head rested against your shoulder
And our bodies lay in perfection?

Do you remember when we ran
Through those elementary halls
And we stopped to catch our breath
As our hearts were enthralled?

I remember feeling blessed
Just to see you every day
And your guise reminds me of
All the words I couldn't say

Goodbye, my dearest friend
I just wanted you to know
My love for you will never end

I have a crush
  Oct 2017 Abraham
I woke up today
and I ate a cheese biscuit
literally anything can pass off as poetry
  Oct 2017 Abraham
At top of mountain
A stream flows downward
To a place of peace
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