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ablerogue Jan 2019
believe it,
or not.
but it was the calm before the storm.
the stolen breaths,
and wasted energy,
on something so seemingly small.
it would constantly tip-toe behind her,
quieter than a whisper.
but it was always harsher than last time.
you kiss the bottle,
or let the nicotine seep through your lungs.
what would you do if you were suffocating?
ablerogue Jan 2019
the blemishes remaining
from the words you spoke left me disfigured and grotesque.
your iniquity left me,

call me melodramatic
your touch will forever be imbedded into my skin.

your sentences stuck in my brain for eternity.

a continual reminder of what was


-  forever and always
ablerogue Jan 2019
she didn't know what was holding her back.
the world,
only lit up by the rays of the moon is so strangely inviting.
she knew it shouldn’t be,
but the loneliness of the sky,
and the endless roads to unknown
all kept her longing for the night to feel her touch.
to disintegrate her stale breaths,
and ease the trembling of her body.
she watched the earth spit onto the window,
along with the grumble of thunder,
and shocks of lightning.
trees; big and small,
falling like soldiers.
the weight of the world was lifted off her,
the weight that stained her shoulders,
arms and legs,
all the shades of black and blue you could possibly imagine.
she found comfort in the destruction,
it felt like home.

— The End —