A H S Oct 11

Everything I have ever
Everything I have never had.
Stands before me in a glass box.
Just out of my reach
Waiting, waiting for the timer to reach 0
Before it opens with a bang
And everything I have ever wanted and everything I have never had explodes into my arms.

A H S Sep 1

Forests and trees
Mountains and hills
Waterfalls and streams
Sun rises and sunsets
Roads and paths
Rain and clouds
Sun and stars
Cosy winter mornings
Dew drops
And icy breezes
Warm summer days
Colourful autumn leaves
Long spring nights

Simplicity and passion
Music and dancing
Love and grace
Fluffy socks and wooden floors
Bouncing rabbits and bounding deer
Squawking birds and scurrying squirrels

Bundled up under the covers watching  the beauty as the world begins again. The sun rises slowing awaking each living thing.

In the distance a ticking clock

Reminding me of the time
I have to fill my days with laughter,
Love and happiness

To spend hours
Walking through the trees
Watching the world
And wishing I could stop time for one more moment

A H S Sep 1

Raging seas
Surrounding me

Howling winds
Containing me

Darkness drowns deep down
Below the clouds

Waves attack the
Solid rocks

The scene before me
Sends chills down my spine

Makes my heart pound
And my fists clench

And makes my long for
The comfort

Of my home
My bed
My book

Cuddled up in the covers
Reading the words
All the details
To the most epic story

The eye in my storm

  Aug 19 A H S
Nat Lipstadt

so many reasons,
so many stones
yet unturned,
for each poem
a season,
for every season,
a given reason

eyes, dimmer,
hearing, harder,
memories, ha,
disappear as fast as
footsteps upon
my island beach

this then
my log,
of places momentarily visited,
capturing the of,
of me,
the exactitude of
where, when and what
I felt

what felled me,
the long and lat,
of the attitudes of
breeze and currents,
the happenstance that carries
a desperate soul
eager and afraid
to remember

"how fragile we are"

so memorized records here,
for his storage and his places,
both filled and unfulfilled,

poems, nothing more,
flawed each,
product of a flawed man,

here, for all to see,
most of all,
for the man,
to see himself
when the eyes of his mind
at last be shuttered

4/11/16 8:04am nyc
A H S Aug 10

Time has
Gone by

Three months
To be exact

From the first

To the last

It feels like
An eternity

Of sleepless

And constant

Time only makes
The pain

In my heart

The numbing

In my fingertips

The tears in
My eyes continue

And the fear
In the pit

Of my stomach
That time

Will pass by
And the little

Time we had

Will only be
A distant memory

Not a constant

To see you
To touch you

To hear your voice
And feel your breath

Against the side
Of my neck

To feel your lips
As they love the
Taste of my skin

My depressing thoughts
A H S Jul 26

Blades grip
The smooth
Cold ice

The effortless
Gliding across
The ice

My feet know
Where to take

My body twirls
And spins

To the music

Into the ice
My face contourted
My eyes blurred

Floodlights flood
The room with light

Arms flow
Fingertips follow

Hair moves
Against the breeze

My body moves
Without thinking

It knows where to
Turn and spin

My arms hold me

The music thumps
Through my bones.

I have been battling to write recently. This is my view when I am figure skating.
A H S Jul 20

I spend my nights
Dreaming of you

I wonder if you
Think of me too

Lying in bed
Staring at the ceiling

Imagining your
Curves in the

I hear your name
And tense up

My heart beat
Rising uncontrollably

Will they see through

Will they see my
Hot cheeks

My avoiding

And fidgeting

My thoughts
Are uncontrollable

Everyday flooding in
But never leaving.

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