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  Sep 2018 aiyana
Shruti Dadhich
I'm dead,
I have already committed suicide,
No you can see me,
You can feel me,
You can read me,
But you can't find even a single reason to call me alive,
No I haven't got cut on my hand,
& haven't ever tried to hang,
But I have got my heart bleed,
I have got it broken,
I couldn't actually die,
& sorry I'm unable to keep myself alive,
Not my fault,
cause I'm the one
never loved,
never cared,
never caressed,
never being consoled,
never being hold...
So here is a midway,
So here is a dead me,
With a human body,
Healthy & fit
A ***** kit!!!
What if I can't cut my lifeline,
I have already cut my connections with life & now I think it's all fine...
Sorry for this negative poem, but it's just a way to dry my tears away & make my eyes deserted again, & stick that fake so called lovely smile again...
I wish I could donate my life to someone who seriously wanted it!!!
  Aug 2018 aiyana
galaxy of myths
My fingers crawl to
the loneliest place when I
want and miss you most.

  Sep 2017 aiyana
helena alexis
once you graduate high school
you see people for who they
really are

people change and
sometimes not for the better

your best friend is now your
worst enemy
the person who intimidated you
is now one of your friends
the boy you had a crush on
is now irrelevant

some people enter high school
with tons of friends
and leave with a few friends

others enter high school
with a few friends
and leave with none at all

- my high school experience
my high school experience in a poem
  Aug 2017 aiyana
galaxy of myths
Sad days are here again.
Sad days are here to play.
Sad days, you came back.
Back so soon?

It's the little things; they make me sad. I often brush them away. I'll sweep it into a tiny corner, at the back of my mind, until one day. Without me realizing it, becomes a tall mountain of sadness.

A small, painless kick sends the mountain into an explosion; crashing down like an avalanche. Leaving me a crying mess, hiding behind closed doors like a forgotten ragged doll; sad and feeling empty.

"I'm sorry I woke up late. I was too comfortable being under the blanket of crocheted sadness. I wanted to keep my eyes shut; devoid of the real world. I wanted to keep dreaming of things I couldn't have. I'm sorry I got up so late. Truth is, I didn't want to wake up. *Because getting up would bring me even more pain and misery

  Aug 2017 aiyana
grace anthony
Handle with care
It said
On the side of that box
Tend caution
It said
Printed onto that sticker
It said
Labels on the glass
This side up
It said
Just underneath the arrows
Pointing to the sky

It said
Only after I had been broken
Likely to burst
  Aug 2017 aiyana
Rosa Lía Elías
for every tear
that slides across my face
a smile is preparing
to bloom in it’s place.
© Copywrite Rosa Lía Elías
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