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Abhinav Sharma Dec 2015
Ahh! I so wished you to be near me,
To be together, we both roaming free,
With hands held along those running roads,
Or simply lying down over green meadows,
Hanging out around bees and butterflies,
Or maybe just counting stars from the skies,
Maybe we'd play with waves and breezes,
Or just adore how that sight of rainbow pleases..
Ahh! I so wished you to be near me,
Ohh I so wished, my sweet pea...
All those moments we touched, I'd treasure,
And keep them safe to be cherished at leisure..
Yeah..they said long distance love was smart...
If only they'd known the despair of a typing heart!
Just some lonely words...
Abhinav Sharma Aug 2015
He never showed up..!!
The special night got ruined,
Devastated..ohh..what he knew
The tenderness of a girl's heart..
That he simply shattered..
Into a thousand pieces and one
All those that had always belonged to him
Years of smiles turned into vacant expressions
Moments she cherished seemed nothing
but hollow promises and hurting kisses
But now the world had come to standstill
How easily do we trust jerks, she thought
Cried, lamented the entire way home,
Blamed her stupidity, her fate, her gods,
She felt so abortive, so worthless, so empty
Couldn't stand betrayal of the love she believed in
She had known the reality of life, the harsh way
The only little thing that remained unknown
Was the hospital where his heart kept beating..
Still kept
  Apr 2015 Abhinav Sharma
sanjana goel
There’s a mountain before you
One you feel you can never climb
The distance is frightening,
but I know you can make it to the other side
If only you try

I’ve seen the strength
that you carry inside
I’ve seen the will, the passion
the fight in your eyes
I’ve witnessed your ambition
I know you can do it one more time

You can do anything
You can be anyone
You can be happy, too
But first you must believe
in the power of you

You’re powerful,
valuable, beautiful and brave
And I know that you know
you can make it through tomorrow
if you can get through today;
I will be there for you
every step of the way
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