af Aug 2018
its you again , yes you
i couldn’t stop myself from thinking about you
its just like drug , so addicted
but slowly the addiction kills me
its **** my soul
the way it took my soul was so painful
it ripped my chest and i can’t stop bleeding
in the end , no matter how hard i try to forget you
it was always you who heal myself
i dont even know how it heals me back
but i feel like the black and white as we recall in our dream
has colour again

i feel like whenever im so tired because of my sleepless night thinking about you
has courage again to wake up and be energetic for the whole day

yes its you and it will always you
who can heal my ***** soul
that is craving for you
af Aug 2018
i was lost
until you showed me way back home
into your warm and strong arms
af Aug 2018
out of your curves and your body
i’d still choose to fall for your eyes
cause i know as we are getting older
we aren’t getting more beautiful than we were before
but eyes won’t get old for me
af Aug 2018
as you believe that everything will fall to its place
so i do
i believe that you’ll come back one day
and realize that
i’m madly , deeply in love with you
i believe that in the deepest part of my soul that
no matter what challenges might carry us apart
we will always find our way back to each other
af Aug 2018
where did you go ?
i thought we last forever
where did i go ?
i was sinking though the leather
i need you back
af Aug 2018
everything last longer
when i’m with you

including us ..
af Aug 2018
it hurt so much but
again , what is love if it is painless ?
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