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abcdefg1 Jun 21
Life is short
Or that’s what I’ve been told
And life is full of wonder
Or that’s what I’ve been told
And life is purposeful
Or that’s what I’ve been told
But I still don’t understand life
So I tell myself that
abcdefg1 Apr 2014
Like bears gnawing at the wood
And swings that go about
They sit and cross another
For that bark would even bite its brother
abcdefg1 Mar 2014
trinkets and trinkets,
bells and chimes
a trail of dust
abcdefg1 Sep 2013
here is my amazing poem
i hope it touches you all
i put my blood sweat and tears into this
so dont say it didnt touch you at all
i didnt just slap on some random words
or said what i was thinking out loud
it took me years to create such masterpiece
so wont you give me some praise as well
abcdefg1 Oct 2012
I look forward to see its pretty frown
It spreads a smile across my tiny face
We see the colors all over the town
A cheerful message with a lot of grace
Its emotion is shown for all to see
An arc or bow alongside the heavens
Up in the sky for all to see for free
I count the colors and there are seven
It will soon disappear from our vision
We try to capture that moment in time
An everlasting arc to envision
I do not think stealing it is a crime
I want it all for no one else but me
You are the gift that I can only see.
abcdefg1 Sep 2012
I want to drop you off a cliff
And turn you into hieroglyph
Accessorize you with a noose
This time I'll be Zeus
I'll burn you to ashes
Or would you rather hear splashes?
Drowning you wouldn't be too bad
What else should I add?
abcdefg1 Sep 2012
I’m built up with all the tension
Will I go into another dimension?
I’ve packed my favorite snacks
Including my only pair of slacks
I said goodbye to all my friends
I hope this wouldn’t be the end
I wish there was no rush
And I would totally love a slush
I remember to bring a weapon
It’s obviously only for protection
And a camera for my memories
My bathing suit for the sea
And my favorite winter jacket when there is a breeze
This trip better be for free
I’ll miss everyone I know
Even all my foe
I’m ready for this journey
Oh, there better be a gurney...

I hear the noise of the ship
It’s time to get on
I hear people singing a song
There is entertainment along the way
I didn’t even have to pay
Someone threw a block
I can’t believe I forgot my sunblock
I ate from a 5 star cuisine
It tastes so serene
5 hours have passed
Time went by so fast
I wonder how long this will last
The day is getting darker
And not too far away
I see some colorful lights
It was a splendid sight.

I was blinded by the lights
As I walk through the cave
There were millions of crystals
Some small some big
I might have seen some pigs
Then what amazed me the most were the people
They were taller than skyscrapers
And always smiled with glee
They ate strange exotic fruits
Then turned into brutes
There was nothing this place lacked
These apples would’ve killed Isaac
Then they led me to a hut
And brought me what looked like macadamia nuts
The place was so beautiful
I ate until I was full
Like a fat baby I slept the night away
And woke up by the bay
Wow wasn’t that a day
What else should I say?

I see a little girl
Cute as a pearl
She came from the tides
Looking for a ride
She gleams at everything I say
She even ate some hay
She imitates what I do
It’s hard to tell who’s who
I wonder why I’m here
Was I meant to have a beer?
Then it literally hit me
The little girl that I see
Was what I meant to be
I learned to have fun
Relax and say puns
Forget about all the taxes
Put away all my axes
This is why I’m here
It’s not for me to fear.

The little girl and I
Baked some pie
With maybe a few flies
Then we swam under the waterfall
And went to the mall
This lasted until fall
Now I must return
I’ll miss those exciting days
And all those scorching rays
But now I must go home
My family is there
I don’t know what to wear
They bought a big cake
All for ME and not to share
How I missed them so much
I began to lose all touch
I lived the night away
And I didn’t even have to pay
Now it is May
And I lay.
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