abby michelle Oct 12
she looked down
and drowned out
the sound
from the surrounding
streets of frowning people.

and as she walks through this sad town
she reminds herself that her crown
will never fall to the ground
abby michelle Oct 11
with cracked lips
and blue fingers
i rewrite the words i said to myself when you didn’t have the mouth to say them
abby michelle Oct 10
with tear drops on my cheeks
i look up at the sky
that is filled with millions of constellations
and see the shapes
that tell me we'll always be under the same sky
the same sky we were under
when you told that i was
your everything
the same sky we were under
when the only thing that worried us was the fact that we'd leave this earth
without each other
now its honey that's dripping on my cheeks as i create a whole new constellation
with the stars

— The End —