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abby Mar 7
i lash out at anyone deserving,
i love way too hard,
this illness is so unnerving,
and i feel like i’m breaking into shards,
i know i can’t handle this,
i know i won’t last much longer,
i’ll stay as long as i can if time permits,
i’ll try to make it farther.
abby Mar 7
his playlist was by far my favorite,
now i can’t stand for it to be played,
i guess what i’m saying is savor it,
before you get betrayed
abby Mar 2
it’s clear that i’m not good enough
so why, tell me
do i even try?
  Mar 1 abby
"do you love me?" i asked with utmost uncertainty
he looked at me as he said, "sometimes."
unsettled, unsecured and in limbo, "no guarantee."
he repeated, "no guarantee... at all times."
abby Mar 1
i’m alone,
craving his touch,
his breath on his lips
his fingers between mine.
and i realize, at most, that is a wish,
not a possibility.
abby Mar 1
as i lay awake with my eyes open, i notice that i don’t love him, at most i love how he makes me feel. nothing more.
abby Mar 1
it’s not right but i have to accept it. it’s not true but i must accept the lies. i can’t change them.
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