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Ava 1m
I wish that I could be with you
And love you
But you older than me...
But wishing only makes me want you more
So I will keep having my dreams
Of you
And I will keep wishing
That I could be with you
  1h Ava
Mrs Anybody
a bit drunken
i found you

and with
your green eyes
your honest smile
combined with
the small distance
between us
and your smell

you intoxicated me
even more
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Ava 2h
I want to know a little more than your name
Ava 2h
I have too many emotions in me
I can't seem to grasp and take control
Soon I explode into tears
Just to release all my emotions
So I will release
Ava 3h
I feel like I can't live
Without loving myself
Ava 3h
The way he looks at me...

Makes me want him


Can't stop feeling like this

I want you so ******* bad

All of you

My heart says no

My body says yes

The way he looks at me...

Makes me want him
Ava 3h
I don't want to leave
I just want to stay with you
But we don't have forever
we just have now
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