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aashiqui Mar 9
a thick layer of dust
covers everything in
this lonely house.
unsaid words pass
between the furniture
which have long lost
their ears.
aashiqui Jan 29
When I miss you,
I reread our old messages
and like a fool,
I believe that we will last forever.
aashiqui Jan 29
I see you in my dreams
and when I wake up,
your name rolls off my tongue.
aashiqui Jan 23
A flower is born in light,
with bright and twinkling eyes.
But soon she'll lose her glowing spark,
swiftly growing in the dark.
aashiqui Dec 2020
I used to live in a globe of dreams,
with fires of hope and golden seams.
Now I live surrounded by shattered glass,
with blackened sand and plumes of ash.
aashiqui Dec 2020
I spoke with my echo until she grew tired.
Then I slipped into loneliness undesired.
aashiqui Dec 2020
If I thought that I deserved you,
I'd give you my love.
If the stars would let me kiss you,
We would fly like doves.
But those doves won't ever exist.
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