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Aarzoo siwach Nov 2020
When world step on you,
And you are too afraid to stand or even to try,
You can cry….

When No one is there to answer
And mind is full of why?
You can cry....

When betrayal crushes the trust,
And the pond of love is going to dry
You can cry….

Because You are alive … You can cry
Because You are hurt…. you can cry
Because You have a heart…. you can cry
Because You feel the pain …you can cry
Because You have a soul…you can cry

No need to be embarrass or feel shy
If you want to…you can cry,

Now stand again and give it a try,
Now search answers for some new why,
Now collect drops of loves to fill the pond about to dry.
Don’t hold… If you want to.. you can cry.
Aarzoo siwach May 2020
You have chosen an easy path
Why hardest one is mine,
You got the ticket for last station
Why am I still in this long line,
I am alone here
But there you shine.

Without you every breath
Feels like a crime,
Living behind is a torture
Dying is so fine,
You have chosen an easy path
Why hardest one is mine.

We will meet again
But how much more time?
For all those who lost their someone special.
Aarzoo siwach Feb 2019
Till the end came I want to chat a lot,
In every rain I want to make paper boat,

I don't want to go really high,
But a rooftop will work if I can stare sky,

I want those random heated family fights,
Thinking who say sorry first want to waste my nights,

I want my hair to fly in cold air,
I want to laugh and cry with those I care,

Being at the top like milk's cream,
It's not and never could be my dream,

I want to be angry I want to scream,
But dancing till my last step is my dream,

Don't know where and when these beats can end,
This uninvited guest that no one can bend,

This time is only mine that I have lend
I will not live but shine,till the end..
Aarzoo siwach Oct 2018
My life use to be like river's flow,
Never changed path, my craziness made other to bow,
But life never run in the same row...

My age become a dam of expectations,
Expected Maturity create weir to my emotions,

I am changing my ways as per society norms,
My fishes of emotions and dreams are eaten by conservative worms,

My people are diverting my way to grow,
I am flowing calmly without any anger-fear show,

But I doubt,
I Doubt how more can I hold..

My dream, ambition & my crazyness is suffocating in this muddy cage,
I fear, I might get distroyed or distroy everything in my rage,

Will I get my free flow,
In the moonlight will I ever glow..

Now only Time will tell...
Will I or they bow?
Aarzoo siwach Sep 2018
I always condemn myself for not recognizing true faces,
Staying around them is like running with open laces,

I blame my eyes, Why I can't see their true color!
Why these eyes can't make them just blur!

I know they can't change,
I have to now reduce my range,

I have to live in this manuplating world,
Where my friendly talks are always swirled,

I have to mind my each word
Now they are no more free bird..
Aarzoo siwach Sep 2018
When I had a doubt
I had a name to shout,

Good or bad talks I just wanted to share
You might Break my trust but I didn’t care,

We supported each other when we were weak
We unlock smiles when our eyes tap got leak,

My friend whose daily talks got addictive,
For you, I became so predictive,
One day suddenly you disappear,
I cried for days and rolls out my tears

It would be better if
Memories are amendable,

It would be better if
I was less dependable,

Still My hope makes me to wait
you will call me, may be a little late.
Aarzoo siwach Sep 2018
Every day I get up to play a game,
Life is its name….

Like other games, it has its own set of rule,
No hack for this was taught in my school,

I try to hold things in my fist,
But every day is a new twist,

This is a game full of weird human characters,
Some remain & some leave depends on their benefit factor,

This game gives sudden shake
Those will win who don’t break,

But this is incomplete solution to life equation,
Because I am still on board not reached the final station……
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