Life is fair to everybody
in this way:
it's fair to absolutely
Not one single person
living on this earth
has it
so cut people
some slack.
We all have
I miss the old days
back when it was just
Mom, Maryann, and I,
we were three against the world.
Together nothing could separate us,
not hunger, fear, or divorce.
We embarked on an adventure,
and most said we'd never last.
But we made a home
in a trailer in the middle of nowhere,
and we thought it quite shabby,
looking back it was paradise,
I'd give anything for another day,
with just three of us again.
Ain't that the way it goes,
you don't see the good old days,
until they're already gone,
and you can't get them back.
The memories keep me warm at night,
as I embark on a new adventure,
but this time I must go alone,
will I make it back home?
Barton Carroll 'Those Days are Gone & My Heart is Breaking'
Sometimes we wrong
the people in our lives,
whether on purpose,
or by accident,
it always
I met a girl over the summer
and I forgot to call her up,
she won't return my texts.
Now it's over
and there's nothing I can do.
If she'd given me a second chance
I would have given her the best side
of myself,
I've said sorry too many times to count,
I guess that means nothing in the end.
Teleprompters - The Uncluded
Hey, I've been thinking
we might work well

We've been friends
for a while now,
I think its time.

Let's take things
to the next level.


Ok, that's fine
at least we can still
be friends?

Cool, I hope this doesn't
make things awkward
between us?

Talk to you later.
Radiohead "How To Disappear Completely"
I had
to leave
my house
last night
because of
the yelling.
I called
a friend,
he came
and picked
me up,
I slept
over at
his place.
We talked,
made cocoa,
and watched
a movie.
I fell
asleep in
the living
room on
top of
the futon.
The darkness
covered me
and I
slept in
peace under
the fake
plastic stars
attached to
the ceiling.
I woke
up this
morning with
one question
on my
mind, "Why
can't every
night end
like that?"
The doctor told me
because I feel better
I'm eating more and
gaining weight.
So what?
For the first time in my life
I feel good about who I am,
I'm not ruining it by
worrying about gaining
a few extra pounds.
If you can't get past
my weight,
I don't want to be your
Love me as I am,
or stop talking to me.
I will not apologize for
being happy.
The Charm - Maps & Atlases
I quit every job
I've had in my life
because I was afraid of
Now I see
what's scarier is to never
realize your
The next job I get
I'll work hard with sweat
on my brow and money in my
Just wait and see,
I'll prove all the naysayers wrong
with my working man's
The Avett Brothers - Incomplete & Insecure
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