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Aanchal Agarwal May 2015
Overwhelmed by thoughts
And chocked up throat
Every verse bringing back a memory
Of falling hard and breaking down
Feeling hurt, ache and misery

Trying to break free from claws of agony
Did the lyricist weaved this symphony
With unceasing strings of tears,
Cheeks tinted black
On nights cold as fears.

Rhythm had already left its mark
On scattered bits of broken heart
Met with contempt,compassion was lost
Once the hold felt so warm
Now turned chilled as winter frost

Can't even curse that sadist
Who made me hate my playlist.
For he is the one who made me feel
Now it is pain, but
Once it was zeal.

When couldn't bear it no more
Vision blurred, heart slammed its door
Muting the melody of pain
Letting the numbness conquer
But all efforts are in vain

Notes and tunes now make sense,
Cheers and smiles are just pretence
O'heart, must keep the mask of joy
Don't let sorrow and grief spill,
For you have no choice.

— The End —