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A May 24
As the warm breeze of early summer floats by, it whispers in my ear sweet nothings and promises of orange, brighter, softer days to come, yet as she flows past she forgets she is early and the cold, dark, hard days are still lingering on my the tips of my ears lasting until early slips away into today
A Apr 2015
As the cigarette lay carefully lit between your lips I couldn't help but think
****, I wish that was me.
A Apr 2015
One minute with you is worth more than an eternity in the heavens.
A minute with you means I can memorize the shape of your palms that ever so lightly caress my flawed body.
It means I can gaze into those honey brown eyes and see your pure soul.
It means I can adore the way your smile is crooked, but manages to make me see straight.
It means I can trace your culminating lips with mine.
It means I can caress your ears with my sweet whispers and declarations of my undying love for you.
It means I can touch you and without words feel your body radiate the words I love you.
It means I can endure the pain of this only lasting a minute.
But a minute with you is worth more than an eternity in the heavens.
A Apr 2015
When your hands flutter over my skin, my body trembles under your light touch.
Your being is illuminated perfectly under the faded street lights.
This is the moment I have pictured many times and many ways.
Your kiss is exhilarating leaving me wanting more, I feel helpless pushed against your body.
I have no control over how I move or what words spill out of my mouth.
Your mere presence makes me melt like honey left out on a hot day.
A Apr 2015
I cannot encapsulate the entirety of you.
You are a universe kept safely hidden inside your alluring body.
All I know is that whoever created you had the idea of perfection in their mind.
A Apr 2015
I am human, therefore I am cursed with a brain that won't stop thinking,
a heart that won't stop loving,
and bones that won't stop aching when I'm not with you.
A Apr 2015
3am is an awful place to be, it is not a time, but rather a place.
A despicable destination riddled with heartbreak and despair.
I do not wish 3am on my foremost enemies.
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