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we eat the nickles and irony taste of the trip
lights fill the room like laughter and I see his smile glow
He looks at me with such realness and intimacy
I kiss down his spine, while whispering good energy into his ear, blowing love into his thoughts like a balloon
my curves lay exposed from lack of clothing
we like it this way, clothes tend to reflect our shame
and tonight our shame was healed, and our life together has begun
a new chapter has been written in my story
experiences I can only feel when young
we whisper about why we are catching feelings, communication has never been this clear before
his shirt looks so good on my soft skin
he admires every cell on my body
souls at peace
tripping and falling for you  
patterns kiss your checks just like my lips
under blankets
breathing hope into me
I hope this feeling never ends
Aaliyah Bella Jan 29
The familiar feeling of falling in love
Happens too quick
Trying to stop myself from falling face down at rock bottom
You breathe hope into me like CPR
And fill my head with thoughts of us like a balloon
The sounds of affectionate names replay like a scratched CD
Frustrating that guards are being let down  to let you in
Aaliyah Bella Jan 28
when a boy says I love you in the back of a car on a drunken night
wait to say it back
because loving should never be shy
but the desire to be accepted for the broken soul you are might just be enough to convince yourself to let your guard down
hand your self-esteem to him like a coat when you enter an unfamiliar home
lose track of the days when your mind is a calendar
he slowly unravels your habits just to switch up your maze you've memorized
he wants you with stained hands with the color of his lungs  
be strong enough to give yourself time before saying it back
Aaliyah Bella Jan 28
He stands tall like a telephone line, energy surging through his limbs
a permanent frown on his red-tinted face
he carries guilt in his veins
the tattoos show symbols of a violent that tracks him down like a private investor
but her
she cowers softly with broad shoulder blades to carry her weight of sins
makeup caked on to bring all attention to the ill intentions in her eyes
her skin is soft but covered in fingerprints and cuts from her last lover
but there's such a bright light void of a soul that radiates through her fragile transparency
this brings out the best in him, the part that makes him crave stability
the part that strives to grow
and that's why despite all odds
the strangest love connections build
Aaliyah Bella Jan 26
Disconnected soul from subconscious
Rust and tar fill my lungs
I can hear their concern so clear it rattles my thoughts
They can see my intentions are no longer clear
Behind the curtains is a wrecked ship soul
Behind the chaos in my veins is a deserted island at which no body has traveled on
Nothing but a ghost in a haunted house
Forced to fake every interaction I become a robot to emotions  
Much like my past lover
A brick wall of a soul
My mind and heart has never had a debate this harsh
My skin lusts
But my soul crawls when around him
Aaliyah Bella Jan 26
Darkness over powers the day light
Memories of his love only floods through me at night
Tears only fall down my face when memorizing a new stranger's lips
Weakness only appears when in isolation
I remind myself that life was better before you but the truth is life was better with you
Aaliyah Bella Jan 26
I wonder if you can hear the voices in my head
Because my every thought is resting on your taste buds
I feel so ****** into your solidarity
Sinking deeper into undiscovered ideas and understanding of myself
I'm drowning in your reinsurance
Like a good fish in a tank
You observe my habits
Understand my life style
And admire my beauty
I know I'm not easy to love
I'm nothing but damaged goods  and left overs in your fridge
But if you just give me a chance I will show you what you deserve
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